Merkaba and the Black Cube

Robert J Gilbert, talks about the Merkaba, and the activation of the Merkaba sacred geometry pattern in our own energy fields. When we are put into painful and challenging situations, these are initiation trials, instead of waking up and learning from our life lessons, we need to be conscious of our subconscious patterns. We need to seek the patterns and behaviors we ruin, in order to figure out what we are doing the wrong through trials and tribulations.

This way out of the hell realm for ourselves is knowing and consciously changing the situation. To spiritually awaken our earthly existence, to resolve painful life existence situations. This is what Buddhist referred to as Skillful action. Human life itself is a grand initiation trial, for a group of young spiritual beings, the human race. We only have a very limited time in are earthly incarnation.

Materialism has robbed so many people that was gathered together through the suffering of our ancestors. What does it mean to become a true human being? “In the beginning was the memory” We need to see the patterns of the ancients. The path of forgetfulness, is in the sacred geometry cultures through our body and structure, not in the physical body. On the path to spiritual awakening, we will take the path to remembrance. Overcoming the chatter in the brain, allows you too clear your mind, become powerful and mindful. We can then experience everything around us, in our reality. Then, getting deeper into initiation practices, our core spiritual essence. We need to use our mindfulness, to create new organs of spiritual perception. Energy and Consciousness, which create us and how we came to be here in our current earthly, energy life forms.

Monads which attain higher awareness are known as the angelic ranks, they are one step above us, the archangels are two steps are three steps above us, the archi are three steps above us, in there esoteric powers. The most advanced are the sarafamine and the charabime. The human race, is so new at becoming self aware, we need everyone to become more awake in order to unify love and merge others for love and freedom. This dynamic of love and freedom, give us this unique self, creations are created through the one or god head. The spiritual beings are the human race, struggling in our adolescences to become independent free agents in the cosmos.

The platonic solids, the platonic duals, the cube of earth and the octahedron of air, were the sacred geometry forms of the cubic cross. Creating the physical world, the physical plane. The cube is placed so we can become fully self aware, bringing young spirits into the higher branch throughout life. Every human in the Muslim tradition, is supposed to walk around the Kaba, 7 times. In geometry each platonic solid can be formed into a 2 dimensional form. The seven chakra energy centers, are the black roses coming from the black cross. Until our consciousness and our energy are created and resurrected, once we give away our physical body at death.

When we are between death and rebirth, moving into our next physical body, we move through spiritual spheres, the planetary spheres are the layers around the planets, not the actual planets themselves. Modern scientists don’t understand that the old planet idea was moving through the planetary spheres, where the earth was the center of our destination. As every being descends, we go through a journey of the 7 heavenly halls. The seven classical planets from Saturn, to the moon, to the earth. This is from the book of coming forth into light, the book of the dead. The Merkaba, is a chariot, it was literally considered wheels within wheels, which is really a spinning vortex. One playing level, to another. The tunnel is actual being inside the vortex, moving through higher worlds.

The term Merkaba- means to ride, however the name is named through its sound. It was called the Hakaway in Egypt, Mer- is the ancient Egyptian word for love, the plow is what opens up the body of earth, so seeds could grow within that body. Ka- the subtle body of vital energy, the ether, to receive energy transmission. Ba- would be the body on consciousness, the Ba was a body of the bird, showing the body and mind flying through the cosmos. Astral traveling, the soul traveling. How to permeate our own life energy, with the power of pure love.


Laura Zukerman

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