Connecting With Your Higher Self- Meditation for Life Force Energy.

This could be useful to bring meditative relaxation music to this. It could be any meditative music, preferably something that does not have sound.

If you could imagine that there is a ball or world pool of light around your naval, a ball of light that is getting brighter and brighter and brighter, as you breathe into your naval, you feel the galaxy of light spinning around. As you breathe out you also feel the ball of light spinning around. Breathing in and Breathing out. If you have emotional thoughts, keep coming back to your breathing when thinking about these thoughts. Keep coming back to your center point. As your breathing in from your naval, the ball of light is getting brighter and brighter, it begins to travel down into your pelvis, it has moved down a few inches. Anywhere this ball of light touches, it unblocks your energy channels, and allows beautiful life force energy to circulate through your body. You feel the ball of light activating the energy in your spine now. It is getting brighter, and brighter. It is unblocking your energy channels and allowing your energy to flow.

It begins going up your spine, one vertebrae at a time, and begins unblocking your energy so your energy can begin running purely and freely. It is now energizing your kidneys, that ball of energy begins moving up to that area of the solar plexus, it begins to glow, the healing light of this ball of light; that keeps getting more pure. It then moves up to the area behind your heart, and your energy channels are open, the ball of light is getting brighter and brighter. You see the area at the base of your skull, that whole area from the beginning of your neck is glowing, everything is flowing, allowing white force vitality to flow in all areas. Then the light moves from the skull, to the occipital region of your skull. Sending life force vitality to your nerve endings, as it gets brighter, it moves to your crown chakra, imagining the ball of light at the top of your head. As you breathe in, you think of it popping up a few inches, and then when you breathe out it pops down. This ball of light is opening up everything around your body, your crown is now open to accept more energy into your body.

The ball of light is now at the energy of your forehead, going in and out of your third eye a few inches, breathing out it comes back to you. Awakening your third eye, so you have intuition and so you are living your life’s purpose in the most perfect way. If you touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth, you feel the ball of light go from your tongue to the your throat, giving you the power to speak you mind, the will to create what you want in the world. Then , it moves down into your heart, you feel your whole heart glowing, in a beautiful healing light. Theres a beautiful luminescent energy is energizing your blood, your heart. Your whole body is now glowing, all energy channels are remaining. You can feel the beautiful ball of white light going from your naval, from the bottom of your perineum, from your forehead, to your throat and your stomach. Now that the circuit is complete and the channels are open, you can feel the energy all over your entire body. You feel the energy being pulled into your caves, your thighs, your earth energy is being pulled in to the galaxy of light in your naval. It is also pulling energy down from your crown chakra into your face, throat , heart and into your naval. Forming pure force vitality. Pulling energy from the earth, and from the sky.

Now you are going to imagine yourself in an ocean, as you are sitting there with this beautiful white light in your naval, pulling energy, in this ocean you imagine that the pores of your skin open up. All of this oceanic energy comes rushing into your body, pure healing life force vitality. Your whole body is filled with energy from the universe that is rushing into you, filling your body with life force vitality. This beautiful energy is touching your back, filling your energy with life force. Now imagine this life force vitality to give you the strength, energy and passion to create anything you want in this world. Now imagine, anything you want in this life to happen, your most perfect life, imagine it, and breathe, take this time to relax.

Every moment of every day your life is becoming better and better, as you realize this is going to become your life beyond your wildest dreams! Now, you can sit up and recharge and get ready for your incredible day!



Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess/God

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