Awakening The Heart and Brain Union

Greg Braden, from missing links speaks about this union, marriage between our hearts and our brain. Very different from what we are invited to consider, now we now that the master organ in the body is the heart and the brain. The brain releases the chemistry for rejuvenation and healing, but it receives this instruct through our heart, our thoughts , feelings, emotions and beliefs. Our heart remembers to feel on its own. What is this heart brain connection? The spinal cord and the vagus nerve between the heart and the brain. Our heart to our brain is where the thickest nerve bundle is. There is a lesser nerve bundle from the spinal cord to the brain.

If you are powerful enough to have these kinds of dreams that are vivid and lucid , that you remember them in your waking hours, you can ask yourself in your waking hours why you are being shown these dreams? It is another form of intuition. Spontaneous intuition, gut instinct and other types of instinct such as ESP. Scientists will say that within three seconds you will know if you like someone, your heart has picked up a vibration in an energetic field, that will or will not be a good fit. Men and women think differently, and our intuitive instincts are very different. A woman will know within 180 seconds, if the person standing before her will be a successful life mate, through her heart. A woman feels that, and she will give that person , 3,5,10 or 20 years of her life, what her heart knew in only three minutes.

Heart and Brain harmony, the information from our heart speaking to you, speaks to you concisely, bravely, and rarely will it tell you a story. If you ask your heart a question and you start to hear a story, that is coming from your mind, your brain. Your heart is the feelings, your intuitive distinction that you feel. It took the most sophisticated research, practicing on Tibetan monks to figure out the brain states that these monks used in vibration wave lengths; this is the gamma wave length. These are the brain waves, the Tibetan monks were creating in their bodies on demand to create intuition, healing, regulate their body temperatures, their hormones, and this where the honed on their power. It is by harmonizing the heart and the brain that we achieve this gamma state intentionally. It opens the door to states of deep intuition, recall incredible memory. Retrieval, fast information reasoning all happens in the Gamma state.


Laura Zukerman

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