The Vesica and Tree of Life by Robert J Gilbert

Pattern of sacred geometry, to balancing the two opposite polarities. The Vesica Pisces, the origin of the fish symbol in christianity. Pisces is the sign in the zodiac, when the sun rises on the vernal equinox in front of the constellation Pisces.

With every living being, into the unified field of the divine, divine unity into physical manifestation on duality; manifests as the Vesica Pices. When there is a perfect connection holding to spheres, the perfect divine union of the two makes the Vesica portal, the portal between the worlds between the Ying and Yang. These magnetic and polarity movements are the technology of our creation. Vesica have to be adjacent and attracting, not adjacent and repelling. Through creating a gating effect, bringing energy outside of our usual energy, or three dimensional systems. Scalar and 0 point circuit designs. Bringing two energies together, the interaction between the two energy fields creates a hyper space portal to the higher worlds. Two opposite polarity energy fields in the overlapping circles, creating the unity portal of the Vesica in their interaction.

The Flower of Life, is a recent name for the Vesica circles overlapping to create this. They look like flower petals, in the design. Keith Critchlow, said it should not be called the flower of life but the flower of creation; because it holds a six sides hexagonal pattern, it should be called the flower of creation. The movement of the Vesica from duality into duplicity is the same in biological life, when the fertilized egg divides into 2, 4, 8 and into higher multiplicity, the same pattern of unity, duality to multiplicity is the same in Chinese IChing, the book of changes, the 64 hexagrams, can occur in any situation or any living system. The Yin and Yang, make 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, the divine thought form between the IChing. This coding system found in the IChing, is the same in our human DNA.

We find it on the holy grail tradition. In Cathedral portals. In the west, the christ being is often shown inside the Vesica. Spirtual beings who hold the perfect balance between have heaven and earth, are shown inside the Vesica Pisces. Two of the most important mysteries in spiritual initiations. Vesica is a sacred mandala, all around the world.

How does the pattern hold a key to spiritual initiation, non physical beings so we are not laid astray, and how to activate our spiritual development and optimize or spiritual destiny. Thoughts and actions are influenced upon spiritual beings, our culture has very little understanding of the earlier traditions, we dismiss these as myths, not spiritual realities. Occult materialism, is based upon physical plane conditions, not on regular thought form. Not understanding the true dynamic of beings on higher planes. We have lost our existential realities, to not understand the different planes. Vesica, teaches us that we must connect opposite polarities, to keep on an equal level, good being in the middle between two opposite polarities.

Our Karma is applied to help or harm ourselves and others on the Vesica plane. On the spiritual plane, they manifest these in their inner nature, and brings these energies into human beings. The highest divine plane is non physical spiritual beings. The activation of our spiritual perception must happen gradually to remain grounded and rational, in order to understand our higher levels of clairvoyance, intuition and instinct. We need to vitally open up these spiritual realities , safely, in order to figure out what is going on , on these higher planes of dimension.

Every human being incarnates, into the physical plane, to experience knowledge, wisdom, balance, love and service, one we reach the maturity needed to help and not to harm others. The buddhist teaching of the Vesica principle is that evil is not the opposite to good, good is always the middle point, the central balance point, between opposite unbalanced extremes. When we incarnate from spirit, we are trapped in the cross of the physical body, this is why every human being is on a heroes journey to actualize our full spiritual potential.


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