Practice GOLD Heart Matrix

Connecting the Chakra points, beginning level activation of the grid of life design around your head, the golden triangle and then the energy matrix around your heart.

The baseline between energetic and consciousness changes, start by putting your attention at the crown chakra until you find the first energy center above your head. This energy center will feel like a place of increased of light and vibration. Apply centering to the center of your head, the epicenter above your head. Allowing its activating energy to stream outwards of radiant golden sun, now stream the energy down above your head, into the crown center. Then, move into the the central column into the golden thread, through the third eye tunnel, through the cave of Brama. Now into the throat, and follow the middle pillar, down to the heart chakra in the center of the chest. The downward and zero point centering is the epicenter of your heart chakra, relaxing more deeply into your heart chakra. Then as you have activated the energy allow the activated energy to become a rose colored sun radiating out from your chest. Now we can activate the heart and all the centers on the right and left pillars to create their polarized energies. On the right and left pillars. From the 0 point centering and the heart center. Rays of light from the heart, will connect now to your right and left shoulder to stabilize the bottom of the golden triangle around your head. That will activate, your lungs on the left and right pillars. Upper right top of your lungs to the heart and then to the upper left top of your lungs. Balance, activate and support these two chest centers, for your breathing. Now we have the liver and the spleen, on the right and left side. Send rays from your to both your liver and your spleen. Now simply activate the vertical lines, to connect to the upper right lung, to connect to the liver. Then connect to the upper left shoulder to the upper left lung, down to the spleen. To complete the activation of grid of light, we have to link the two centers above the shoulders. Two centers of the upper lungs, and then the liver and spleen. We have now created a first eight of the ten centers, this completes the structures around your heart, both the left and right pillar. It is this connection that integrates the energies on the left and the right.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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