The Power Of Energy Healing

Founder of the Silvers healings academy. Mystical healing with Candace Silvers, she was born with the ability to heal people, until she figured out what it was that helped them heal. She had something to do with the power of their healing, traveling all over the world to study with different healers. Seeing the similarities between their healings, the cultural dynamics. She began to become really interested in healing people.

When she would touch certain people, they would begin to feel better. She was born with a deep desire to see whatever else there was in the world. She is in 19 countries, 34 states in America, and around Canada. She meets Doctors from all over the world, who help healers as well as herself , understand more and she helps them as well. Multidimensional is something that she wants people to understand. They need to understand that there are different facets, to different parts of your body in healing. Direct experiences are happening all of the time. Chakra balancing, there are 13 chakras but 7 main chakras. She can balance all of them. Eat better, sleep better and eat less.

Balance, is being in control. Out of balance makes you feel ill and or sick. Being stuck in these experiences. How do you balance a chakra once you have shocked, mentally stagnated or stopped the feelings in one particular place? Doing certain Yoga, getting herbs, acupuncture, reiki sessions, ethical propulsions of energy healing practices.

The more we understand , the less access we have. It is a derivative of the mind, reconnecting to the consciousness, seeing what you know to see. When you can go beyond what you see, how do you go beyond your mind and heal people. When the intellect needs to know what we are tapped into , it is still in the intellect. The direct experience of the feeling or emotion, the communication of the feeling or the experience. Energy brings you so much healing, although some people might lose energy.

Training her trainees, she says allows a lot of concentration and practice of mind and body, creating heal joy and life in another. They talk about Green Mile, which is one of my favorite movies!! About a healer, who gets wrongfully accused of a life sentence, he is a healer, and it is such an incredible movie, I cried so much. Candace says when someone comes to her with a disease, it goes back into the other energies, the other ethers and it doesn’t transfer it, it just changes the monogram of what is going on. Candace is featured on Netflix in some of her healing videos and it is spectacular to watch her heal others, and the emotions that it brings to the people suffering.


Laura Zukerman

Owner And Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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