Seven Symbols of Atlantis

El Casio, contains some of the oldest cave paintings from 41,000 years ago. In 2012 Paleoanthropologist for the University of Victoria, analyzed ancient art from over 300 caves from all over the world, she realized that these 32 signs were being used as some type of alphabet. These writing systems could be traced back to our ancient symbols. When this is all revealed what will this show of humanity and our future?

The talk of symbols and study of symbols that we are accustom too are the advanced communications we are used too. An ideogram, without uttering a word , a phrase or a sound and without needed an alphabet to describe nuances for that idea. The significance of the number 32 is highly significant, it is the tree of life on the Kabbalah, each one of these ten spheres, is supposed to depict a different aspect of being. As well as 22 paths from sefaria to sefaria. The 22 paths match the 22 trumps in the deck. These 22 paths are the frequencies that separate one from the other, left for humanity about this knowledge.

Some of the ancient symbols have been burned into our subconscious, the study of phosphors, cosmic rays, would be shown to show various symbols and nasa, redesigned their astronauts helmet’s so the sun rays wouldn’t hit their eyes with symbolisms. These images of the 32 symbols show a concrete symbolism, The swastika symbol, the star of David, the ankh, the cross, the vesica piscis, crescent moon as well as others. The crescent moon symbol was shown to be the life cycles. The vesica piscis is the principles of the fish. The star of David was considered the representation of freedom within the universe. Moses and David understood what the pyramids were actually used for, they were trying to flee Egypt and not be enslaved.

The swastika, is concerned a symbol that has been around for 12,000 years. The ancients to them represented a portal or a vortex, a four armed vortex, a very strong center. The ankh and the cross are both Egyptian symbols, the key of life, the after life symbols. The ankh predates Egypt, from ancient Sumerian tablets, they would talk about them walking from Stargate’s holding ankh, it was an oscillator, to help you walk through the Stargate. The cross is the representation of the materialization from the invisible into the physical plane. It also represented the form of life. The Chakana symbol is the equal armed cross, in the center of it is a whole, it was said by the Inkkas and divine influence to come in through it into the physical world into human beings.


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