Seven Levels Below Giza

The Giza Plateau, is five miles from Cairo, people come from all over the world to gaze upon the pyramid and the sphinx. The underworld is so vast, that what ever lies below the Giza plateau is buried there. It is the key to understanding humanity on the planet. Some of these plateaus were enhanced by humans, the climate at this time was a lot different than it is now.

The Atlantans, were able to preserve their teachings, writings, history, even after going under. The entrances to the underworld, could have been the tomb of the birds, Thoth the keeper of the hidden records. It was the entrance to take us to the holy records. It goes all the way to the second pyramid, the actual location was lost until April 2008.

The sand around the sphinx and the very area that they were interested in, was what these two men who were figuring out what chambers they were going into. They looked harder, finding a small crack, a huge massive cave chamber. Realizing, this lead into a cave system that led toward the second pyramid. It was extremely dangerous. They penetrated deeper and deeper into this cave system, and they reported it to the Egyptian authorities. They simply got into something they had already known about, however, they say it was the best experience they have ever had in Giza. This underground system permeates a large plateau on Giza. 2010, blocked by a metal gate, authorities could have been trying to hide the under ground system, or someone could have gotten stuck in the caves.

An entrance to the underworld, could there be other hidden chambers to the underworld, is the sphinx the key to this whole idea? In 1933 there was something called the Whole of Records, which was all of the knowledge and wisdom that was brought from the atlantan survivors brought into Egypt, located somewhere beneath the plateau of Giza. Where Edgar Casey said it would be is where it was located, however not much was found. Whatever might be below the sphinx, the foundation ARE, is that a correlation for anything? More water systems? The Osiris Shaft is also something to contemplate. If Herodotus, was a tomb below the Giza plateau, then what would that mean? This was an underground labyrinth. The sarcophagus, was holding the body of Osiris, although they are saying it is a false sarcophagus, and it reveals a ladder that goes further into Giza. The geology is sedimentary, as a result to a lot of water, which is what carves the tunnels and the chambers. Enhanced by humans and in times of antiquity of the past.

Apparently, The Osiris shaft has many more layers and rooms to be discovered. In July 1911, George had been working on the Giza Plateau for years, they claimed that they had discovered a whole in the sphinxes head, to show that the passages went much further away. Resiners discoveries, were shown that in a solar temple, they found a city underground, it was a temple linked to the temple of Solomon in 1913.

Channeling and bringing information is the temples, and the pyramids spread that information throughout, the shafts in the chambers connect with the sky, which connected with the ether and the stars. Water and ether, being the storage of the center in the pyramid, having the whole system work together, through what would be known as a ridiculous insane network. Tunnels that would go from Egypt to Israel, to Iraq, to physically bring it around the world, through Europe and India. They are all interconnected.

Could there actually be a massive grid, that goes underground in a tunnel grid, following what goes where. One, that goes to inner earth, the second, to tibet and the third, all the way to Giza, these three tunnels, who would have built these?


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