Rising Strong by Brene Brown

Major setbacks can be a turmoil for you, but you might have endured minor problems, even if you are not having hard times, you probably remember failing or falling. It is essential to human experience. You can discover that you can actually learn to rise stronger than you have ever.

First you must rise with risk and realize that you can fail and come back up again, learning by doing is vulnerable, it can be tough to be vulnerable. However, the best place to learn is outside the comfort zone. By rising strong, it is a multistep process that makes you rise with confidence. You must commit to failure, and you are likely to fail multiple times in order to realize that you will eventually become stronger through your mistakes. Rising strong wont just change your life, your life could have a profound impact upon the people around you and for you.

The process of Rising Strong, the reckoning, the rumble and the revolution. Three steps for the course steps in the Rising Strong process. The first the reckoning, reckoning with your emotional changes, recognizing and acknowledging this shift. The Rumble is all about keeping a critical eye on your strengths and weaknesses. If you figure out your reality checks, including shame, guilt and heartbreak, you are doing great in rumbling. The third step is the revolution. The revolution, is when you take your stories and realize what has gone wrong and what you want to integrate to make them better for yourself.


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