Movement and Your Mind

How do we create energy to find or seek information that would seek a resolution, movement produces change. Mentally a change in perspective or observation. Physically it produces an energy flow in the body. Energy movement can be any type of exercise. The way to break out of your patterns is to find a way to move your body and heal yourself.

There are two aspects of reality the 0 reality and the number 1 reality. 0 reality is the expansional reality in the number 1 reality is the physical reality, the energetic reality to move into the 0 reality, where we create and where we examine ourselves. When mental movement happens, it changes the physical body as well. A more energetic nature, allows you to become healthier, happier and more successful.

The expressions of anxiety and depression, as you go through life you have different ways to respond to these responses. What really goes on, you have energy in your body and you have energy in your spine. It forms and functions different forms of the body. Theres a part of the brain that causes anxiety, and another area of the brain that forms depression. Each of these are activated by energy flow.

In modern medicine, when you take anti anxiety or anti depressant pills, you are not stopping the neuro-chemical expressions that the body is creating. A loss of energy flowing through your genes goes through to create gray hair or no hair. The subtracting or adding of energy, all human functions are all energetically pliable. Genes have been a big way to look at the human form.

Energy flowing through this template or any template in a gene expression can be changed. Genes are mutable and pliable, they are not just in the fixed state you are born with. The human form of you, is expressed to its maximum capacity, you end up in your full physical form by the time you are 18 or 19. To create your physical body, creates the energy of light force itself, to be able to form that way.

For the total amount of genes you have for all of the genes to run smoothly, is a beautiful miracle. Functionality, is up until you are about 19 years old, you are still being created. Then after, it is all about functions, operating programs. They are the hardware in your brain, the mind is your software that runs all of this. The software proceeds the human form. You are born with a personality, so it was pre-existing, your personality drives your functions. Human form and function become something we notice, and the ability for us to function and can be improved or changed through energetic work.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess/God

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