Improving Life Force- Quantum Effect

Feeding your own energy field to obtain optimal health and well being. Most people lack energy are lacking energy manifests of illness, internal conflict, when your energy does not match the information of electron flows. Energy and the body, the elements in our body such as sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium all of these elements can use ion to generate electricity. However, there are outside energy flows that we need to help us, the cells are protected by a cell membrane. Just as if your skin is the limit of your existence, your electromagnetic field is another area for magnetic energy flows.

Don’t we want to be selective in how we perceive everything in the cell membrane , as a barrier for molecules, but electrical currents. Energy is also created inside of us, resting cells that are negatively charged on the inside, like attracts like. The outside environment is more positively charged but humans are more prone to have a negatively charged environment. Most people who live in a positively charged environment, lose it by the age of 6. Unless you keep your energies up.

The mind receives and transmits thoughts in a positive and negative nature. The cell membrane charges the currents of our energy fields, creating our thoughts and emotions. Proteins sit on the cell surface, for certain ions to pass through. We come through a set of programs that determine what cellular openings, what receptor sites come through. The finite describing the infinite.

The universe can be broken down into smaller and smaller parts, a human being, we would break that down into organs, to atoms, to subatomic, to energy flows, sub quantum.. dark energy, how the whole functions is really a life force, an aspect of the universe. While you can separate out, you cant say those are the reasons or source of our existence.

Healers work with life forces, all different energies, in forth level physics, particle physics, quantum physics, but it is a different energy, it is not separate, it is not complete. The idea that there is energy in the body, and that their form has some physicality, an etheric form an energy form, prior to and after you die.

If you can separate yourself from life force energy to quantum energy , you can separate from 0 reality – your thoughts and feelings to 1 reality – the reality around you. You can adopt the view point of being an observer.

If you are going to pursue any kind of enlightenment or any kind of understanding on what it means to exist. The highest form of enlightenment is to recognize energy , not as its energy but as its transformation. Life force is neither created nor destroyed only transformed.

You can develop an internal landscape, realizing that you are one with the creator. You are separate from the true self. The blockings or lacking of life force is the reason energy is depleted. To get out of this separation you need interactions, with the body or your nature, abilities to express your life force.

Consciousness of the expression of the energy that flows and comes out of us. The energy that flows into us in 100 percent life force. The energy that flows out of us is through our memory or our habits. Interactions and relationships. View points of non judgement. The observer, being able to listen and see. This gives us Pure sight into life itself. To be fully human to be fully energized is to endure people, plants, thoughts, feelings, emotions, life itself. To look into that mirror and realize oh , this is whats going on, that is to be able to separate yourself and make changes in directions. Changing in your electromagnetic frequency, changes in vibration, changes in consciousness.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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