How Attractive is Attraction?

Watch your thoughts for they become words, Watch your words for they become actions. Watch you actions for they become habit, Watch your habits for they become character. Watch your character for it becomes your destiny. When we think about attractiveness rather than promotion, we are thinking about someone who we idolize, want to become, or emulate. This is because they are beautiful, intelligent, and probably possess a wonderful personality. Attraction is a very tremendous power, and yet it is understood not merely the right way.

Scientists will say that the power of attraction comes with four fundamental parts. Attraction is a powerful force that can grow over great distances. The first, says that Newtons Law of physics told us that every object in the universe was attracted by every other object. Einsteins theory however, told us that objects grew out of a space time continuum, and that attracting objects had for one another were their very reason for existence. The spiritual law of attraction stated in another way shows us that “whatever we hold in our mind tends to manifest in our lives.” What this means is that we attract the things that we think mostly about. In other words, by instilling our emotional energy into certain things, we bring them closer to us each and every day. Also keeping a positive attitude is not the easiest thing to do!


Laura Zukerman

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