Energy Crisis in The Human Body

There is a question that everyone needs to answer at some point in his or her life. What can I do to be a healthy human being? Energy medicine is incredible. To be physically healthy we must be spiritually healthy. How important it is to change your perspective on the world and how you view it, partaking to how you understand your body.

Life is defined by saying you have energy or you do not have energy. You are unaware of the life force that you need to keep in your body. The way the life force is taken out of your body is through the calibration of the amount of energy you have lost from the time you were two years old. Some kung fu masters will use this energy technique to see how much energy they have left. About 20 percent of the loss is close family relationships that are draining you, these are first level relationships as far as energy flow is concerned. Energy flowing from you to your parents and vice versa. Sexual relationships would be next. When we have sexual relationships we open up a channel, even with a past partner, you try to break or block these relationships and blocking relationships changes energy forces.

If you break up with someone this does not mean they are not part of your energy flow. This can be experienced throughout our entire lives. Declining health states entropy, draining the body of health states. According to some Chinese practices you should have 36 volts of energy by morning. Through the process of that day you would lose energy voltage throughout the day until you went to bed that night. The entire functions of the body are being short changed, because of the functions of the body. Optimizing energy flows, the other negatives would decrease.

What is the difference between bioelectrical and electrical energy. The life force that tops quantum physics. bioelectrical would be electrical charges while electrical energy would be through our energy fields and physicality’s. You have an energy exchange, whether you consume energy or produce it. Whether you take or you give. Humans have a global magnetic resonance called the collective consciousness.

The energy crisis is the outcome of not knowing the flows of energy through life. The lack of knowledge creates depression, their are certain activities that have more energetic exercises than just exercise alone. We are not aware of a parasympathetic and sympathetic energy flows, controlling our breathing, heart rate and others. This is a form of subtle bodily energies as they are not readily known to the human consciousness.


Laura Zukerman

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