Best Timing for Diet/Exercise Program

Going on a diet is an unpleasant activity under any circumstances.
The least you can do is give yourself a celestial head start. Here’s how:
Once a year, there’s a new Moon in your sixth house of health. A New Moon helps you usher in a new habit, so that’s a perfect time for beginning a diet or exercise program (or both).

A Full Moon in your sixth house can also be beneficial. It can help you
release an old habit – like compulsive eating or an addiction to sweets.
Saturn, the planet of self-discipline, can help you stick to a diet and
create new, healthier habits.

Look for Saturn to form conjunctions, trines, with the Sun and the Moon. Saturn also supports your efforts if it’s traveling through your sixth house, your first house, or your Sun sign, even though any of these transits may correspond to difficult times in your life. The silver lining is that they can also bring increased willpower, self-control, and accomplishment. Mars in the sixth house gives you a boost of energy – ideal for getting to the gym and making it a habit.


Laura Zukerman

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