Best Times for Writing A Novel

A lot of people are struggling with novels, screenplays, and other writing projects – and it’s definitely not easy for them. Writing projects are like diets: easy to begin and easy to put aside. Here’s how to better your odds of complementing your project: Begin a creative writing project when there’s a New Moon in your third house; a New Moon in the fourth house (if you’re penning a memoir); a New Moon in the fifth house (if you’re working on a
screenplay); or a New Moon in Gemini. Begin when Mercury is direct. If Mercury happens to be in Gemini, in Virgo, in your Sun sign, or in the same sign as your natal Mercury,
that’s a plus.

Look for an active Uranus if you need to generate some original ideas; an active Neptune when you want to stretch your imagination; and an active Pluto when you’re ready to dig into emotionally complex material. Take advantage of Mercury’s retrograde periods by using them to revise your work.


Laura Zukerman

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