Best Astrological Timing for Getting Married

Given the marriage statistics, it won’t surprise you to hear that ideal days are hard to come by. Still, certain celestial events improve your chances of making it past your paper anniversary. The most favorable is the transit of Jupiter through your seventh house every twelve years – but you don’t want to wait that long. Some astrological influences, on the other hand, occur fairly frequently and are worth waiting for. Here’s what to look for when you name the day: Choose a day when Mercury is direct, not retrograde. With retrograde Mercury, misunderstandings and problems in communication are likely to arise, either immediately or down the line. Also, it’s never a good idea to sign a contract when Mercury is retrograde. Marriage, besides everything else, is a legal agreement – and you will have to
sign on the dotted line.

Make certain that Venus, the planet of love, is direct. If it happens to be retrograde, postpone your wedding for a few weeks. Choose the position of the Moon with care. A New Moon, with the Sun and the Moon conjunct, classically signals a new beginning – the best possible Moon for a wedding is a New Moon in your sign (or your partner’s), in your seventh house of marriage, or in Libra. If a New Moon isn’t possible, for whatever reasons, at least get married when the Moon is waxing – that is, when it’s between New and Full, becoming larger and more luminous every night. A waning Moon has passed its peak of luminosity and is on the downward slide, getting smaller and dimmer every moment. You don’t need that. Look for an auspicious angle between the Sun and the Moon. (60°) or trine (120°) creates harmony. A tight 90° square or 180° opposition generates tension and conflict. Look for trines for involving the Moon, Venus, and Jupiter – the more, the better.


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