Best Astrological Timing for A Surgery

First, let me be clear: if you need surgery immediately, get it immediately.
Listen to your doctor. But perhaps you are undergoing elective surgery. Or maybe your doctor has given you a choice. For instance, you broke your arm in a foreign country where you don’t speak the local language. In a situation like that, how do you decide? These are the rules:

Make sure the Moon isn’t in the sign that corresponds to the part of your body being operated on – here’s what each sign corresponds to:

Aries – head
Taurus – throat
Gemini – hands, arms, lungs
Cancer – stomach, breasts

Leo – heart, spine
Virgo – intestines
Libra – kidneys
Scorpio – genitals

Sagittarius – hips, thighs
Capricorn – knees
Aquarius – calves, ankles
Pisces – feet

Some people recommend avoiding Moon in Scorpio for any kind of
surgery. Don’t have surgery when the Moon is full. Avoid retrograde Mercury, Venus, or Mars, if possible. Look for and to the Sun, the Moon, and the planet that rules the sign on the cusp of your eight house. Look for positive influences, such as Jupiter or Venus in your sixth house of health.


Laura Zukerman

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