Best Astrological Times to Schedule A Meeting

The way you schedule a meeting depends entirely on what you wish to
accomplish – follow these astrological rules: If you hope the meeting will help you start a program, introduce a new set of goals, involve a staff member who hasn’t previously participated in this area, or make a case for organizational change, schedule the
meeting when the Moon is new, or at minimum, waxing.

To encourage brainstorming, look for a conjunction, sextile, or trine between Mercury and Uranus, the planet of originality. The Moon in Gemini also encourages an explosion of ideas.
If you want the meeting to reach a final decision about an issue that’s been on the table many times before, schedule it for a time when the

Moon is close to full. Full Moons can be times of high emotion. They’re very illuminating – they reveal that which has been hidden and they bring things to a head. If that’s what you have in mind, go ahead. Make sure the Moon isn’t void-of-course and that Mercury isn’t

On the other hand, if you’re scheduling a meeting to discuss a proposal you
thoroughly oppose, here’s what to do: Schedule the meeting during a waning Moon, preferably during the last few days of the lunar cycle. Make certain that the Moon is void-of-course. Many ideas may be floated at the meeting. Much discussion may occur. But guess
what? Nothing will come of any of it.