Small Steps to Lasting Change

Rick Pitino said, “Make incremental progress. Change comes not by the yard but by the inch.” The incremental process can cause you to get over certain obstacles that you would not think you could overcome. The incremental process allows you to feel your body to get more comfortable. Is our high and faced paced society causing us illness. These include obesity, heart disease, alzheimers disease, diabetes, depression, gastro- intestinal problems, asthma and a low quality of life. It also lowers the quality of life. If you live 80 years you will eat 90,000 meals, or 35 tons of food. You will likely bend over to tie your shoes 25-50,000 times. You will also likely take 622 million breaths. They could either add up to good or bad habits of your health. You are all of the decisions you have made, up until this point in time. Roughly 45 percent of the population by 2025 will have some type of heart related diseases. Anxiety and depression are also on the rise. They are all preventable through the tortoise approach. There was a Swiss doctor by the name of Paul Kouchakoff M.D he was the first to show in the 1930s, that if you ate food that was cooked food, it would react to it as if it would be invaded by a foreign organism. You would actually have no white blood cell reaction, if it was raw food. How do you expect your body to last a long life time, if you eat terribly. There is always going to be a residual problem somewhere. “You are what you eat.” Do you eat organic food, or genetically modified pesticide food. Stephen Jepsen- was saying that balance, coordination and optimal health was incredible for your health. By 2030 60,000 Americans will die from fall. What is the solution- making incremental progress towards better health. Bilateral training, balancing of both hemispheres of the body. Many of these individuals who has a neurodegenerative disease-would realize that linking the body and the mind, with exercise would change their diseases inherently. If you have a thought and and an attitude that creates a belief. And this belief is something that is created from past experiences. When are beliefs are challenged it does not feel right. If you trying to feel and think, you begin to have a subconscious mind. The body is the subconscious mind. Through the act of an intelligent use of our body. John Dryden said “We first make our habits, then our habits make us.” Tai chai , martial arts, all of these were taking incremental processes of body and movement and how they interlink to the mind. David Dorian Ross- says how to bring the body together through spiritual and mindful practices. Grace, confidence, a great workout for the body as well as for the mind. Focusing the mind through visualization. Most importantly is refresh, replenish and sleep. This is how we then create our bodies to reawaken the next day, through neuro-plasticity. This breaks down neurons in the brain to rewire. Day 1 – observe your stressors: that add to your stress or cause your stress, write it down or keep it in your mind. Day 2- Consult with your list , introduce an interrupter breathe. One conscious breathe, on a subconscious level it will be a wedge. Day 3- introduce 3-5 breaths into moments of stress and smile. It will put you into an altered state. Day 4- Add an intention ” I will rise to the occasion.” I will meet this challenge face to face and I will overcome it. Day 5- focus on intention and interrupter. Day 6- Add the interrupter but turn that intention to 100 percent. Day 7 – turn the throttle down to 25 percent.

The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Goddess on fire ❤


Laura Zukerman