Limitless Aging

Is there a cure for aging and death and should there be a cure? Myles Munroe said ” Most people die at age 25 and are buried at age 65.” Can we cheat death and be young forever. If you see in the old testament, Sarah lived until 127. In Asia, Chen Jung , supposedly, lived 16,000 years. Jeanne Calment- lived until 122 years old. She remembers meeting Vincent van Gogh. The epic of Gilgamesh, the fountain of youth and the elicitor of life. This story of genetic code is written into our DNA. Theres a number of meanings to aging, oxygenation. Methyl groups, telomeres, it protects the end of our chromosomes. Theres a little damage to the telomerase, it wont make much of a difference in 10-15 years but in 100 years, it will make a huge difference. Telomeres, can be different according to your age because of how you have lived your life. This lies on how to cope with how to be the best you , you possibly can be. Our body regenerates ourself overtime, all of the cells in our body will regenerate them selves. After 7 years. Telomeres are not cells, can they regenerate. The are the end of our chromosomes. It is encoded on the DNA. It turns out that after the golden structure they cap the link of our chromosomes. Morbidly obese people have shorter amounts of telomerase. If something like losing weight can bring back telomeres, then we are not alone in this. It can be fixed! Mario Martinez- says centenarians have a tremendous sense of humor, they know how to forgive, they have a resilience, they have a way of looking at them. Forgive and forget- forgive but do not forget. Could our burdens be bags of bricks, if we do not need them anymore, could we put it down. Do not be confused or mistaken about burdens and responsibilities. Ikaria, the island where people live forever- They have a deep rooted philosophy, time does not dominate them. There is a certain wisdom that comes to them, to enjoy life as it comes. They have calmness about what may happen in the future. These centenarians- there not victims of time, they do not become tossed around , harmony and communication is put between them, they bring such a great many reverence of life, this seems to be the trick. Ritual and ceremony. When these tribes would come together, the entire community would come together. Tell stories, do something with that great attitude and a life for living. How to live forever by Mark Wexler, its only amount of time, that with all of the vaccines involved, the aging process will be reapplied periodically. The creation of the ageless society will take over the age of the computer. But the anti aging market place is everything- around what anti aging medicine is. Theres a Cambridge neuroscientist- Dr. Hannah Critchlow says ” People could probably live inside a machine, potentially I think, its definitely a possibility. Jeff Hawkins- on what is intelligence, and can intelligence be reprocessed by a computer. He says not yet, but these sequences of patterns are stored holographically, our ability to access the mind, these sequences of patterns. We may not even be close to this. But, how would it improve the wisdom, the religions , philosophies, the arts, would living longer actually give you a better life. Do we need more time or more presence on this planet? Kimberly gamble- this aging thing for women are having difficult times, but she realizes that this body is a constant teacher. Time is a tool, it really is, but its what we do with time, take all of that wisdom in that time, to serve the planet, to serve others, to bring more real wisdom, more global issues we face. This will be the quality of his years. Martin Luther King Jr Said- ” If a man has not discovered something that he will die for, then he is not fit to live.”


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles

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