Flow States and Shamanism

Mihaly Csikzentmilhayly, was studying flow for quite some time. He said in regards to extreme situations ” You know what is possible to do , even though difficult and the sense of time disappears. You forget yourself. And you feel a part of something larger. MC PH.d. This truly does sound spiritual, the merging with the entire universe and the mind at large along with yourself as as the universe. Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe said “Everything is hard before it is easy.” All are overwhelmed, overworked and exhausted. 21st century normal is what Steven Coddler says. Hyperactivity in the prefrontal cortex comes online and this is the higher function in the brain, that takes our sense of morality and our sense of will. Our brains waves go into a beta state. Then we have a steady drip called cortisol – the stress hormone. And another one, nerephroeiphrine. The hyper activity in the brain goes quiet and so does the inner critic within. Then we begin becoming flooded with good hormones that make us feel amazing such as oxytocin, serotonin, dopamine and such. Michael Jordan has talked about this state, the famous basketball player. “Heart is what separates the good from the great.” In the coherent state you have a physiological state – more insensitive to your environment and more regulate in the emotions. A lot of athletes use these simple technologies and healing becomes second nature to them. If we got access or coherence of flow in the most unlikely games of circumstances. Triggers to access flow state are 1. Clear Goals, 2. Immediate feedback from a challenge and 3. Proper skill to challenge ratio. The mind should not wonder, we should be able to change directions in the moment. 4% above your skill level should be that which triggers flow. Reach to arrive at this skill. If these three are done correctly, this will be an on demand. The training, the set out on the path to unlock the human potential. Could it be the fear of the unknown. This is an aspect of humanity , to face our fears, to reach into the darkness and to see something quite familiar staring straight back at us. Our highest potential. Fear is what drives you, should motivate you and change should be a wonderful thing. Ancient Shamanism – when they started entering this state of altered consciousness. Dr Stuart Hameroff said that psychedelic compounds, actually enter the mind into a quantum state. Much finer that is microscopic, universal, timeless information that we are unaware of. Is it encrypted into are ancestral memory? Graham Hancock says- that palolithic europe- show that these deeply states of consciousness are all around the world in the cave art. What happens in the body, we are more sensitive to these 2-4 times more powerful then what happens in chimpanzees. We are hard wired for a psychedelic state. The flow state is looking at the brain waves states, also the chemicals that are created by the struggle in the beta brain waves which create cortisol and norepinephrine. The next faze is the release faze. Alpha brain waves and nitric oxide. Opens up the veins and and primes us for the flow state- this is known through the theta/gamma brain waves. Created through dopamine/endorphines and anandamide as the chemicals that flow through the body. Further, the recovery faze. Done by delta brain waves and the chemical components involved include serotonin and oxytocin. When a shaman leaves their body, travels into another dimension, is this someway how to figure out how we astral project? The temporal partial junction in the brain is supposed to be on guard when we astral project. When it is taken offline , we are to be taken at one , with the mind and body separating. Shamans, have the substantial amount of persistent experiences. Jamie Wheal- did a youtube video where he asked pertinent questions. 1. ” Where does the information come from that is accessed in flow states of consciousness.” 120 Bits a second of brain wave flow, 11,000,000 under these states of consciousness under flow and shamanic states. 2. “Are we able to access more than what is in our body and our environment right now? Are we able to access epigenetic memory? Lab mice controlled and experimented – bell would bring and they would shock the mind and then pups same thing. Until they had their own pups. The curious thing was they showed a neurological contraction. 3. Are we receivers and transmitters of information? Mind can move across time and space and into another. Magnetite- one of the most diverse substances on earth. Your brain synthesizes these crystals in your brain. It may play a roll in long term memory. It picks up on brain waves. Magnetic feels and cognitive function. Human telepathy can be created- when a light was flashed in there eyes, the person in the other room saw the flashes of light themselves. This is outstanding because as Dr Personage says, ” It may be the first macro demonstration of a quantum connection or so called quantum entanglement. ” DMT is also created in the human body. Dr Rick Strassman wrote a book the spirit molecule, explaining all the mind bending experiences from this drug being injected into them. DMT is known to create telepathy, clairvoyance, heart coherence, channeling, “ah-ha” moments, miraculous healings and paranormal phenomena. What is this state that these magnetite crystals help us put these into? Are they all talking about the same thing? If we enter into the right state of consciousness if we enter this state more and more. Being able to access information where life becomes perfect, poetic and lyrical.

The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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Laura Zukerman