Consciousness In the Quantum Paradigm

Is there a way to harness our quantum potential and figure out how to incorporate that into our reality? What is driving this shift in human evolution? Scientific, Humanistic? Or will the world be a paradigm shift. Thomas Kuhn the author of The Structure of Scientific Revolution says “that when paradigms change, the world changes with them.” Can we retrain our way of thinking and way of old programming to a new paradigm of reality. Even in this age of quantum physics is not set up yet for what is about to happen. Thomas Kuhn goes on to say ” All significant breakthroughs are break-withs olds ways of thinking.” 1922-1966. A new vision of how we base ourselves upon the world is changing so here are some new ways and old ways of paradigm shifts. The newtonian paradigm, is based upon the ideas of determinism, reductionism, separatism and materialism. This must function in a linear clock work way. This encourages a separate way of thinking which fuels ego and grief. The Quantum view things are complimentary, contextual, conscious and connected. Quantum theory is the most successful theory that we have today. They underlie everything in our universe, we too are quantum beings. The universe is participatory. They not only apply to the quantum and subatomic particles. They reorient the doors to new possibilities in everything in our life. Rein-vision our lives in societal form. We live in a connected world, where energy and vibration are more relative and contextual than certain. Most people are still not operating from quantum perspective. Can we rewire our quantum thinking. What are the four quantum principles and what do they tell us. Those principles again are Complementarity, Contextuality, Consciousness, Connectivity. What do these mean? Complementarity- it is the uncertainty principal, you cant measure two observables in a pair. If we know exactly where a particle is, we will not be able to know anything about the speed or where it is going. Which means where are we now? Where are we going? Energy and time are a complimentary pair and they are related and oscillated at a certain rate. Frequency is measured in cycles per second. All energy is potentially accessible. Also, all time is forever accessible. Am I remunerating on past and future? Or am I in the Now? Only the now is real. This is because we are only aware that time is in the Now. There are many Possibilities and probabilities at once until a choice is made. Wave particle duality, is it a wave or a particle? How can light be both a wave and a particle? Well, matter also could be both wave and particle. Wave, is wave like behavior. As a particle, it will be set up by scientists as a particle. The very act of observing has a dramatic effect on their observation. Wave, particle, momentum, time- its all one. Infinite possibilities exist simultaneously. Things are also contextual, one way of interrupting this is that by the means we give, or assumptions we make; the meaning of the observer and the observed. Did we somehow come into this world, so that we could observe ourselves. Does this mean we could make our lives co-creational? Through observations and choices. What manifests out of possibilities. Consciousness is primary, how could it not be conscious if its not sentient. Max Planck said ” I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. In the Hermetica ch. XII, v. 15,18 we read ” Everything seen has been begotten because at some point it came to be seem.” – Hermes Tris-megistus. Also saying ” There is nothing in the cosmos that does not live.” Hermes Tris-megistus. “Life is not birth but awareness. All are immortal matter, life, spirit, soul, mind of which every living thing is constituted.” Hermes Tris-megistus. They have become a connected whole. A single entity, communication is instantly known to them. Albert Einstein said Neptunian things are created through separate entities . He thought that there was a separable world of newton. the EP Paradox. The spin of electrons or the polarization of neutrons/protons. ” As above so below.” Michio Kaku a theoretical physicist says ” It is impossible to completely separate ourselves from the oneness of the universe. We are entangled with every particle that we have become entangled in or within is. It has interacted with our bodies wherever it has come from. If the whole universe started from the big bang, that means everything is entangled from the beginning and is still this way today. Beyond energy and matter, there is intrinsic information within the universe. From the quantum, the cosmos, to us. Entanglement swaps, all is here and now. We truly are connected to the stars and to each other. Scientists now have inherited their search from their predecessors. They believe there should be a set of laws that underlies all of these theories. Scientists need to bring consciousness into those laws, or they will fail to find the true theory of everything. “True without error, certain and most true: that which is above is as that which is below. And that which is below is that which is above. For performing the miracles of the one thing and as all things were from one by the mediation of one so from this one thing comes all by adaptation.” – Hermes Tris-megistus. Theres a distinction between the one thing and the one mind. Meditation brings total awareness, as appearance, everything is aligned and synchronized and one whole. Again .. “Everything seen has been begotten because at some point it came to be seen. Coming to be is nothing but imagination.” Also, what begets is not itself begotten. “If you want to see god , consider the sun, consider the circut of the moon, consider the order of the stars.”- Hermes Tris-megistus.


Laura Zukerman

The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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