Emotions and affective Neurosciene

In the process of affective neuroscience it is the adapter to how the brian creates its emotional responses. This could involve changes to the body , feeling states, changes in the nervous system, it could alter you to act in different circumstances and so on. Neuroscience when done affectively, tries to understand the brain structure and chemicals and how they work to alter the mind and the body at large. Neuroscience can lead to the impeding evidence against how to treat depression, it can give credible evidence to figure out exactly what is chemically going on with a persons emotional stigma.

The human brain is complex. There are techniques that scientists use such as electrode implantation, hormone administration, lesioning and so on. These are more used in animal’s then in humans. Humans have to rely upon techniques that are more secular, non invasive such as EEG which is electroencephalography. Another technique used is functional magnetic resonance imagining FMRI, thus allowing the individuals to be focused upon in brain scans following a tragic car accident or some type of terrible brain disease.

Desire is actually the most important and affective neuronal system that predicates a need for want and when satiated, rewarded and feeling well. We do believe the stomach is the second brain, I have discussed this before. It is shown that the left frontal cortex is more prone to emotions such as desire and interest in humans and nonhumans , animals . If there has been damage by any means to the left frontal cortex, researchers have shown that many people develop depression, where as damage to the right frontal cortex is a damaging of mania. The research that is done on desire at Yale university shows that that nucleus accumbens; hits the sensitive regions that make the brain feel like it is in an opioid like state when wanting desire and pleasures. This contributes to the understanding of the human addiction for wanting more of dopamine and serotonin all of the time. This is why it is difficult for many to break habits of opioids , cocaine, sex, gambling and more. Due to the mere fact that these humans are not feeling a reward of the self anymore, there esteem gets low, they don’t seem to feel that high anymore and we need to break this cycle.

One of the many reasons humans do these things is driven by the sense of fear. They get so worried about self esteem, what others believe about them, trauma based inhibitions and they want it all to go away as fast as possible. This is the amygdala responding to fear based driven attacks. When a human takes a medication to counter attack their fear based emotions , it creates a surcharge of engrams trying to erase the memory traces of these past times.

We could go into anger and love and relationships but we will save that for next time. In the mean time, if you have an addiction please go seek help. AA, NA, CA.. are just to name a few groups you can go to for support.


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