False Memory


Remembering what was not, the purpose of this is to actually have you feel memory. How can you remember something that never occurred.

These are words that correlate to this specific type of scenario.





What do you think of when you think of these words, Thief.

Strong semantic associates of the word Thief. The claim is, it is some what there.






A bunch of words related to anger, they would think anger was on the list.

So sometimes we remember things that never occurred, with high confidence. If you have ever talked to a spouse and you know something happened and you begin fighting over this memory, both extremely sure is correct. One is highly confident about something that didn’t occur. One is thinking that it is real, when it is really false. Producing a false memory in you, or Loftus talking about false memories you can look up on youtube. As well as there was a time when a lot of people had psychological issues and it was almost as if a false psychological paradigm. So instead what you would do, would be to talk around this situation. And suddenly, they suddenly remember, a traumatic experience. For instance, being sexually abused. Then sometimes, they could realize from trauma, it could be a false memory. Which is somewhat scary!! Or it could be that a word was said, a sentence made someone feel uncomfortable and that correlates to why they created that false memory in the first place.

Reconstructive memory process is really cool, and its important to keep this stuff in mind, especially in therapy.


Laura Zukerman

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