Your Impact Upon the Collective

You can’t just say it took twenty nanoseconds for healing to take place. This is because we don’t know in that persons subjective world ; what got them to that surrender to a greater order. What appears to be a nano second could be the experience or journey to acceptance. When a soul emerges when a person begins to wake up they begin to wake up and figure out what makes them gain knowledge and apply that knowledge.

Other people have to go through a disruption based on how a person is wired. The tragedy is a death of an old self, and then there is rebirth. We are no longer producing the same thoughts , we are breaking the addiction chemically. All the agreements chemically. That is an uncomfortable state for a human being. That discomfort gives them a sense of no relation to anything. That is borderline nervous breakdown or borderline insanity. If a person has a knowledge to understand that a new self is emerging and old patterns will literally disconnect in the brain. That new self will have a whole new set of people in their life with who they become. Who you are is who you are in your reality. To change that is because you became expand-ant.

We only see what we are when we step of it and we look back and what we have been. If you listened and remembered , your physiology is different then it was before that. Eric Candel- winner of the Nobel prize in science says that your genetic structure has changed. However the nervous system also changes in plasticity – the ability to change in the nervous system. It’s specifically designed to experience the unified field , the mystery of life. Awareness and pure consciousness, is not necessarily tied to anything material. When people have these experiences it creates an evaluation on what is real and what is not reality. It is based on how real is feels , how much does it feel like absolute reality. Mystical experiences are fundamental realities more so then every day realities. The material world we live in is the secondary reality.

A single psychic experience can be life transforming. Change can be amazing, it can predict actions, people, the comings and going’s of different events. Venturing across the river, stopping and analyzing the feeling we lose sight of the other side. Then metaphorically speaking we rush back to what’s comfortable and familiar.

Consciousness is free because there is no mathematical description of the subject. Questions still remain paramount on who is the chooser. Are all realities existing simultaneously? Do they exist side by side?

Fear of the unknown of the not yet known, if we see only what we know how do we ever see anything new. We can see up to the third dimension, people think there might be only two but there really are three that we can understand completely. Although there are nine dimensions. When was the last time you ever looked at you, the eyes in the mirror that you call your beloved your friend. When was the last time you saw you through the mirror and understood you.

Saying- I am much more then I think I am, I can be much more then that, I am not alone. Knowledge of the brain becomes wired and we will begin to see what we know has always existed but because we have lived in these routine automatic programs. We are unable to see because we processing the mind from the familiar.

We are entangled as there is no real separation between us. What we do to another we do to ourselves. Things are separate but that at some level they are not so separate after all. Everything is connected, we are our world. We are all connected in an entangled universe. We apply it with human experience. How will this manifest. Parapsychology phenomenon include Telepathy , clairvoyance, precognition, psychokinesis… these are labels of psychic experiences.

We are all connected by the 0. field. We get away from separateness. Whatever way we view the world is the way the world comes back to us. One begins to see its best to love others and not judge them. When you build another you begin to build yourself. The neighbor is one self. When consciousness and self are working together education teachings are about the higher frequency of a higher reality and these were teachings by Jesus. Who said that the intent of the observer is what you create for yourself. If you express love or hate or harm to another you are creating it. He paid tribute to the role of the observer in everything that we do. Entanglement is about how our thoughts have actions to everyone else in the world.

One of the Consequences is that we need to be more aware of our thoughts. If there is something out there we don’t like, we can’t turn our backs upon it. We are co creators, we have to try to get the future together that is best for all of us. Everything in the universe- planets , trees , people are just waves of vibration , United at our core. It is one consciousness, individualized through our nervous system but the self in the big sense is oneness. That is called enlightenment.

In the end these are tools to bring imagination above the mundane and mediocracy of life. We have saved our selves through simply applying our most excellent eternal abilities. We are brought out of nothing but then out of nothing that we have our being and therefore we are tangible. To begin to formulate possibilities is that we have to stop the normal way in which we think. We begin to speculate potentials and possibilities the changes of the outcomes or modify or behavior to have a new experience.

We are no longer in the experience that we know , now we are interested in learning something new. Does this enrich our life? Does this change our mind? We realize there is a greater reality out there and it’s much more a keen to our dreams. It’s really about how much you want to discover about your true nature.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At the Goddess Bibles

A Memoir By Laura Zukerman