Power of the Mind – Down the Quantum Rabbit Hole

Our mind literally creates the body. It all starts with the cells. Experiences when we use a certain box of solutions to our life to change the chemistry to change the neuro net. Therefore, within our life, we have to change our chemistry, changing our attitude , changing our identity. All we are doing is reinforcing.

Less brain cells become made when you have addictions. It becomes dominated by pain, everything they perceive becomes the pain. Receptors change your sensitivity. Internal receptors become bombarded by such a high sensitivity , that becomes desensitized.

When it is bombarding the cell, with the same attitude and the same chemistry; when that cell finally decides to divide that cell becomes a sister cell or a daughter cell. That next cell will have more receptor sites for emotional neuropeptides and less receptor sites for vitamins, minerals and nutrients and fluid exchange. All aging is a result of improper protein connection. Our skin loses elasticity. Those are proteins. All aging is improper protein production! Does it really matter what we eat? Yes.

If the muscle cells is making healthy protein that cell starts to produce the muscle cell protein. Normal muscle protein begins being produced in the amino acid sequence. The human body ages because the proteins we achieve at 16 or 17 are very different then the protein strands we produce at 50 years old. It’s not genetics that cause disease it’s the reaction to the environment that stimulates the genetics that cause the disease, it’s the effects that cause the disease. It’s our reaction to the environment. Changing attitudes the expressions of receptor sites, expression of DNA, expression of protein, neuro-chemical effects, biologically, changing the expression of life and changing the health of our physical body. Our attitude has an effect on our cellular level.

At Stanford Univeristy there was a study where people were given something decadent a piece of chocolate cake. The people who did it with guilt and shame actually experienced a transient decrease in immune function. The people who enjoyed it had a surge in immune status.

Is it possible to have mind over matter. To our very brain, we have yet a third of its ability. If we lived entirely in the wholeness of our brain. That would require the wholeness of our DNA to become activated we would become immortal. There are DNA to grow any part of your body to grow into any way you want to. Did you know you could change your predisposition of blindness to a predisposition of sight. Genes can reverse aging through gene finger printing.

You focus only on your emotional means to an end. Therefore, your DNA holds to a replicant experience of yourself. It never goes outside of yourself. To create the experience of yourself. An intellectual realization can change your body.

A sudden new concept can create in the ha , translating to nerve impulses in the hypothalamus. Which then cause various different peptides to be released in the pituitary glands which then circulate through the blood stream and then received by every cell in the body and that’s the classical view. Our brain is constantly being surveyed by white cells, cells of the immune system and we are not sure how many are stem cells, we may imprint an act and set off a molecular change and continuing changing the brain. The brain doesn’t just change the body. What we think effects what we believe later and what we believe becomes true.

The person who has an urge inside of them, embracing that knowledge inside of them, it will apply people to understand and attach that knowledge. To take that first step means that they have to evaluate what they know with what they don’t know. There are those two elements. At this point in time there is a sense of joy, repentance and happiness.

When people are addicted to nicotine, alcohol, cocaine and other drugs, it shows that brain cells can become blocked. However once these drugs are stopped and not being taken or consumed the brain cells come back to you and replenish.

People who make up there mind about anything whether it’s a prognosis about cancer, prognosis of a healthy Malady, it’s a great definition of the frontal lobe, your overcoming the body, your overcoming the force of the environment and your overcoming time.

The universe brings these things to your door and there is learning in them if your able to think beyond the rigid mind set. When we associate with people , places, things, times , and events – we don’t exist with the associate centers of our brain that reaffirms our brain and reaffirms are personality.

What is relative to the wrong emotional addiction is the media and yet that does not define human greatness. People are so inspired by these ideals that every body struggles to become that no one can actually become that is mostly a struggle in mediocrity. They may want to be something else, is there something more? Why am I here? What is the purpose of life? In reality there old concepts of how they viewed their life and the world start to fall apart bringing in new concepts, new ideas and new journeys for themselves.

Most people when they give into the chaos will go back into the false hope and die with that. It’s easy to give up hope , but don’t give up hope just because you can’t strive for perfection. No one is perfect, and everyone needs to understand that. We are reconnecting the brain to a new concept changing us from the inside out. If we change our mind can we change our choices. What person , place, thing, time or event will they have to lose to give in to something else. Life is but a page in an enormous book. Self reflection , self hate into self creation , new dreams and we are ambitious.

There’s a big paradigm shift from the Old Testament and the teachings of Jesus. If they think of something and not actually doing it, it’s not actually different. It’s the thought that governs all things. It’s the development of construction, the thought is most paramount, eminently profound. Main stream medicine is the only thing that doesn’t explore spirituality and higher religion. Science does have something to say of spirituality. And as science gets better we are able to ask more interesting and complex questions. Science is developing with these very different experiences that people have had.

Ever since spirituality has not been one hundred percent into science, it interconnects all of entities with our interconnected ness. It’s the scientists of one and the same. Scientists have been investigating the material. Spiritual has been investigating the mental, the vital and the super mental. Entanglement is a new idea because it’s arising out of science. The eastern philosophical nature says everything is entangled in cosmic consciousness or collective consciousness. Science has now rapidly experienced this sort of the world and is beginning to grasp it.

We are at the end of the paradigm , the finite stage of the paradigm. The borders are at its extension. East has met west and many of us who were asked to grow up in one paradigm are now being asked to switch. You can switch back and forth, it’s is totally up to you. It’s peoples perspectives, subjectively.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At the Goddess Bibles

A Memoir By Laura Zukerman