What is Reality? Down the Quantum Rabbit hole

What is reality? what is going on, why are we here ? The rabbit hole is how much you want to discover about your true nature. Anyone who tries to explain it will get lost. What becomes real, is it how we look, weigh, walk, punitive genetics. The moment we ask these questions it breaks the routine pattern in the brain. Everybody whether they realize it or not thinks about the facts of who are we? Where are we going ? What do we do? How do we overcome things? These things are inescapably personable. Is this just something that is radically altered questions or questions that we all have a natural curiosity about. Physics is kind, thought does it have its own definitive reality. What is human consciousness and how do we make sense of it.

Why is consciousness here. Do we really think we have reached the depth of our intelligence. Where do we end and the rest of the world begin. How come we feel separate when the world is not separate. How come it feels like a solid when it is a whole? These questions are not routine , they help the circuits to change in our brian pattern. It’s the leading locomotive of life.

Is there a possibility that all potentials exist side by side. Have you ever seen your self through the eyes of someone else you have become? Look at yourself through the eyes of the ultimate observer. The idea is there are two stages to science – the craziness of the rabbit hole and then the second idea is when you check your ideas and interpret and experiment on these ideas. It’s a very different method of revelation or meditation. Science and religion emerging today are they tying the knot once more. The quest for the divine and the quest for these fields of quantum physics. Why are we here- Human ethics, celestial movements.

The book of genesis is dealing with the origins of the world. Many people down through the ages calculated the fact that all of the creation of the world was created in 4000 BC in September. In science the effect of most humans there consciousness is very small. Now we have learned to do a significant amount of consciousness as part of the experiment. Back in the 17th century we came out of a period of time where the universe was a machine. Decart and Newton were describing science and mathematics as non living objects. Looking at the world as a machine. They applied these models to living systems. As understanding the systems would be like living in a clock work universe. Internal experiences in mainstream psychology years ago were laughable. This was because we lived in a darwin word. No one was doing as much yoga or meditation back in this time. Mechanistic God as the holy creator what were humans supposed to do.

Physics is going to be looking at people as if they are mechanical devices. On the other kinds of discourses we have about love about discourse and how they solidly come into collision with one another. We are all connected. Time and space are just constructs of our living being in this universe. Trying to link psychic phenomenon to quantum physics is very difficult. This is because there could be fundamental things of forms of interconnectedness.

There must be a scientific explanation for spirituality. Space, time and geometry can influence our connections and the universe at large. Science has told us that we randomly mutate, that we are separate on a lonely planet in a lonely universe. This is one of the most destructive behaviors humans have adapted to in this lifetime. It is time to change this weakling perception or rational idealizations or thoughts. We are all one this paradigm is wrong. We are trying to understand what are the implications of that. Quantum physics can give us a step up in the right direction. Pyshic phenomenon is very real and has profound importance. Science was not getting a comprehensive view of reality until there was spirituality involved.

Jesus always said forgive your enemies. An eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth. The brain gets changed when people bully one another as children or adults. This is living in a closed space. How do you change this? You don’t want to end up with a bad mind. The culture now does not appreciate the power of thought. This effects how you perceive things and feel or sense the world. In this world it is a world view that reflects society, economy, business and our brains chemistry all together. Reality is happening in the brain all of the time. Seeing, smelling, tasting.The brain processes 400 billion bits a second but we are only aware about 2000 of those thoughts.

The easy answer whether reality is itself is yes. It’s more complicated then that. At the moment you interact with reality it comes into absolute rock solid existence. It’s mostly empty space, susceptible to the power of the brain. Making the material world not show the full fundamental realities. This is because we have to embrace knowledge in our world that is always seen by us. Eyes are like the lens, the visual cortex. Taking information and storing it. Putting the movie together about what your life is actually about. Are our eyes cameras to our world and our brain giving these projections? You need to know your eyes could decieve you at any moment. Compatibility with the eyes and the brain is the scenario or the hypothesis of figuring out what is actual reality.


Laura Zukerman

The Goddess Bibles

Owner and Founder at The Goddess Bibles A Memoir by Laura Zukerman