Quantum vs Classical Mechanics

What do you believe to be real? People ask what is quantum mechanics and why does it matter, there are three views. They are from a practical point of view it does not matter at all. It infiltrates everything in the world. Quantum mechanical effect is the second. The third is philosophical issues. Why are philosophers so passionate about the deconstruction of the world? Classical mechanics is that we’re machines if that is the way the world is we will think that way. If machines die, we throw them away. The world is a highly connected orgismic interconnectedness. Why world view change is so important.Quantum mechanics is a highly connected thing that connects through space and time. It has a much greater impact and gives a world view.

Subatomic physics was invented to figure everything out. The intuitions and feelings as to what exactly is going on. Practical standpoints this is an accutley paradoxial theory. And on the other hand it predicts physical systems so we can not throw this information out. Newton’s laws of physics and motion. Quantum theory, mechanics. Particles are unified into one state and one function. Or they are separated from each other. There are multiple possibilities. How does the electron jump from one organ to another? It’s radical they never go into space, they are in the orbit without space in between. Quantum means it is continium or quantity.

The deeper you go the more energetic nature becomes. Nuclear power emerges from nuclear manipulation. The deeper you go the smaller you go. The plank scale is the very smallest level of reality. Space and time is smooth until we get to the basement floor where there is an irregularity. Despite the fact that it’s small the entire universe is created at this level. Mass and matter are created at this level and Einstein says this is how the universe was created by Newton’s law.

Objects could interact fly apart and the other object would instantly also change randomly when they weren’t separated. This is entanglement. State venture or a quantum wave function. This wave function is not just a wave of matter it’s a thought wave, it’s invisible to us. Unless we picture these emerging patterns come out to us in mass particles. The unified field is what we are made of. Entanglement is not a property of quantum mechanics it’s the property. It fits in with our ordinary world even though it seems like it doesn’t or shouldn’t.

We were all taught that the world is made of mass and atoms. The electron circulating that would be about 20 miles away and then everything else would be emptiness. If practically and assumed.the universe is flat, if we take the latent energy in that, there is more then 20 billion light years in this mass. This is how the big bang was created. In empty space there in unbelievable energy. We are pertaining this with consciousness. We can do this by using intention. We are living in an intangible world.that effects the tangible world we live in. There is a spiritual world, another world.that effects and influences the physical world. That intangiblity is the most fundamental feature of matter. Matter is not what we have not thought it to be. Scientists thought it was just static. Quantum physics explains this paradigm that shows there’s a realm of existence that gives rise to the existence of the universe we live in, in our realities. The unified field.

What makes up things are ideas, concepts, information. Another strange facts is that objects never really touch each other. The atoms of one object is not actually touching the other. The first inkling came with relativity. Your head is moving faster than your feet. The idea of thermodynamics. Motion and the fundamental equation is time reversal processing. Time A symmetries of the world. Ice melting, smoke In a room, wrinkles. We don’t see these before they happen. We can affect the future but not the past. Where does this a symmetry come from, if not from motion? Can you the future have a causative effect on the present?

We move forward in time and backward in time in quantum theory. Ben libbit a physicist did an experiment – with patients having neurosurgery in the brains. Electronically Stimulating the brain and the finger – looking at the sensory cortex while patients were in surgery, finite period of time to get to the cortex. Immediately feeling the stimulation. The brain projects information backwards in time. The stimulus was felt when the pinch actually accord. The conscious perception was the stimulus pinch being felt immediately, showing the motor response of our brain. Remember he did this to patients while their brains were being operated on.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir by Laura Zukerman