Becoming Zen- Buddhism

Do you ever wonder why you are multitasking yourself so much to the core? Then, you also don’t feel fulfilled or accomplished? Are there factors in your life that should make you happy but they just aren’t doing it for you. Is making one simple decision extremely difficult for you? Is your mind full of worrisome thoughts? Is your gut full of regret and worry? If the answer is yes to most of these questions you are a normal member of western society.

To live in zen means to live in the most natural life. This is the way that we were destined to live our lives. Experiencing every amazing moment in the present moment. Taking up a zen practice will not help all of your problems but it will help you tremendously. It will help your mental brain fog, the past therefore won’t obscure any of your decision making. You will get a completely new perspective on life. One that will allow you to live your life and your dreams to your highest and fullest potential possible.

Zen is an absolute practice lifestyle change for everyone to endure. Through the practice of meditation, enlightenment is found. It is not enlightenment that we seek in zen however; we seek to live an enlightened life. We don’t seek to understand our whole spiritual awakening. Zen Buddhism and there important benefactors- it is not a religion, anything practicing another religion may also practice zen at the same time. Zen Buddhism could have you constantly meditating all day long as a spiritual practice. It could also be coined as the term “ the study of living.” It is also about the right point of views you have on this life and the right perceptions. This means that it serves your perceptions clarity and intent by making you feel extreme happiness and right in your mind. Zen will connect you to your true nature , your true self, free of past traumas, labels and the mistakes you have made along the way as well.

Zen practices are amazing for everyone who want to reap the benefits. By using these techniques and putting them into practice into your everyday life , you will be able to gain trust with yourself and others. Gain inner wisdom and outside wisdom. Create a true sense of the self through happiness. You will have better relationships with others. You can rid yourself of any type of addiction you might have. You can also rid yourself of depression. You therefore become mentally stronger. Stress becomes reduced, you learn to be optimist about almost everything. You will no longer experience wander or racing thoughts. You will be able to sleep better. And lastly have an easier time making decisions all around.

Zen is freedom, happiness, truth, tranquility, living, wisdom, peace, stillness , the art of letting go and letting god and so much more. You hold the key to your own happiness within Zen Buddhism. Zen is the practice of studying your subconscious and beginning to see your true nature. Our true nature is devoid of past experiences, true nature and feelings and ideas that we have developed during our lives. Many people believe Zen Buddhism is about people having super natural , spiritualist experiences. Such as visions and revelations. Living zen is about experiencing regular , everyday moments with your feet firmly planted on the ground 24-7.

Zen is also the act of having undeviating lives as we experience everyday how we are living in a day to day fashion. It truly is the practice of living. When we live zen we are in tune fully of what we are doing 100 percent. Nothing unnecessarily comes up in our memory pattern while seeking out zen. We are experiencing things around us just as they are. Quiet, peaceful and serene.


Laura Zukerman

The Goddess Bibles

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman