The Beginning of Life- Children and how they interact with humanity and the world around them.

We call the early years formative, what is firing a baby’s brain? Our sense of self and our sense of the world are just coming together. Babies are free to choose , free to observe. Children learn by developing themselves through interdependencies. Learning begins when a baby is born and even while a baby is in the womb. Children like to invent things, playing in the sand, playing with pots and pans. Playing in the woods. They are the worlds original inventors.

Beginning shortly after birth the brain is making connections between brain cells at a very rapid pace. Every second the Brain is making 700 to 1000 new connections. The pathways that get used a lot begin to dissipate and the pathways that aren’t used as much begin to disappear. Cervic return interactions is the response between a back and forth behavior between a baby and an adult.

The mother is the first sample of humanity that the child gets in touch with. The relationship with the mother is how much support you can expect from other people. This level of love is a blessing to experience when loving a child. No one can prepare you for a level of love that you have for your own children. The second you realize you have life inside of you, it adds to the love of realizing you are bearing your own children.

The mother is paramount to a child’s well-being. However without a father, it is difficult for a child’s care. We have learned that through learning and watching babies grow up. Also it is not imperative that a child have different sex parents, a child can have same sex parents; however, it could be difficult at first for a child to cope with that. Only because they aren’t mature enough to understand the meaning of love whether it’s heterosexual or homosexual.

Taking care of your children is taking care of future citizens of the world, who eventually will become incredible adults, if you make sure to care for them with all of your heart. In Sweden and Finland they give paid maternity and paid paternity leave. In Denmark they are allowed to go on maternity leave for a year. Also men are allowed 4 months of leave to help the children. This is an easier way for natural reproduction of nutrition for the child. They can successfully breastfeed. It means an involved mother and father in both aspects.

Children want quantity, quantity of the love they receive. It is very comparative that humans invest as parents in the human condition. Children need to know that there is a big world out there beyond there parents. Children need there parents so much, if you love and care for them the right way; they don’t view your flaws. They can even grow into your best friend.

It’s difficult to teach a child, but if your patient you can do this amazing thing with them. Reading with them, teaching them words, memory patterns, teaching them to talk. If you treat a child more like an adult and not like a baby, the child will mature much more quickly. Caring for them is essential but speaking to them in a different type of way, making them understand things like adults would at early ages. This helps children grow up very quickly. This helps them to make the right decisions, not be codependent on others. They therefore learn to be independent, loving , caring individuals. They also learn to understand how the world works. When to do something and not to do something.

Even though a child will go to school at an early age, a parent is really a teacher to that child. It is imperative to speak to them precariously and remember to always tell them the truth. Unless you think it might hurt the child, you can wait until they reach the age of 10-13 to teach them things that you normally wouldn’t want to discuss with the child at this age. Children are growing up way faster these days. Learning many different languages at early ages. Nature vs Nuture is a very big Darwinism.

Co- parenting is something that is not just mother and father. It is also about partnership and marriage because parenting can become difficult. When a child has a freak out, it is not okay to get angry with them. Instead ask them what’s wrong? Or try to turn the situation into laughter and make them smile. Trauma can begin at an early age and if anger comes out from parents, it can traumatize your child even unintentionally.

From a creative perspective it is interesting to allow children to invent things, let them enjoy there creativity. Creativity is a process. Let your children explore and learn and play. Let them play- it is the major vehicle for children to learn. Children should not have everything so easy so it’s not a challenge. However, not have everything so hard because this could be a terrible outcome for a child to grow up way too fast especially on there own accord.

Playing in the presenter moment and with an essential end goal of developing skills for there brain to compartmentalize. They engage, there learning, they day dream. It helps them grow. Having fun is a huge part of helping a child grow up uninterrupted. Try to distract a child for there early years keeping them innocent and not fully aware of what is going on around them. Therefore, if they play and discover new things themselves at an early age; they will learn themselves as well. You don’t need to tell them everything. It helps there growing environment to figure out things for themselves. However if they are doing something wrong, tell them in a nice way so they can fix it. Otherwise they might feel denial and regret later on for doing something wrong without being told.

Lastly make sure to keep a Child’s diet correctly. Make sure they eat many vegetables and fruits they should at an early age be eating 5 -6 small meals a day. If your breast feeding try to feed a child every 2-3 hours. This will give your child about 3 meals and 2-3 snacks a day. This will keep them extremely healthy and aware. Keeping them Mentally, physically and emotionally happy.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles

A Memoir By Laura Zukerman