Binaural Beats

Binaural beats are sounds frequencies that can bring an individual into a profoundly deep state of meditation. This technology utilizes specific audio techniques, designed to calibrate the listeners brainwave activity. This is through the presentation of two different frequencies currently. This alters performance and mood.

Binaural Beats are a technique combining two slightly different sound frequencies to create the perception of a single new frequency tone. The theory is that when exposed to two different frequencies at the same time, one in each ear, the brain actually perceives a single tone that is the difference between the two separate frequencies. Your brain in a sense tunes into this new frequency.

You listen to binaural beats using headphones. In each ear you receive sound at a slightly different frequency. If your left ear receives a 300 hertz tone and your right ear receives at 280 hertz tone, your brain will process and absorb a 10 hertz tone. That’s a very low frequency sound wave. One you can actually hear. You do not need to hear the sound for your brain to be affected by it.

Through this process it is believed that anyone can effectively enter the brainwave states without any medication or drug. It has been documented that when brainwave patterns change, there is also a change in chemical reactions within the body. This can have a profound effect on ones entire physical structure. Here are the different brainwave states and their resulting sensations.

Beta 15-40 hertz associated with high levels of alertness and arousal.

Alpha- 9-14 hertz wakefulness and relaxation

Theta – 5-8 hertz. Deep relaxation and with some states of sleep associated with it. Including the lighter stages of non-rem sleep

Delta – the state where one is in deep sleep, in this state your body heals and regenerates. 1-5-4 hertz deep NREM sleep


Laura Zukerman