Simplified Knowledge is the Wisest Kind of Wisdom

  • Everything has its foundation in simplicity because everything comes from the same source. To understand is to know what is underneath everything that stands. It is to get to the foundation upon which everything stands. Its to perceive from the highest level of all. Things become simpler when looking from a higher plane of view. Everything can be defined to the core. All things have their most simplified and concise state. Everything is unified and simplified. Simplified knowledge is the wisest kind of wisdom.

  • Whether something is complicated or simple depends on the level of awareness that the person perceiving it has. To the one who has better understanding, the complex is simple. The secret to understanding everything in a simple way is to get to the essence of things and see how they fit into the bigger picture of all things. It is to know the microcosm of a thing as well as the macrocosm. When you know the quantum level and also the meta level, you can know all levels in between easily and completely.

  • Nothing is complex, everything is simple. It all depends how it is organized. The complex is made simple through organization. The best structure is the structure that integrates and simplifies everything. It connects everything together and allows you to navigate all pathways from one thing to another in the most direct manner. It is the most ordered and clearest organization of things. All organization is organization of mind. When something is better organized, there is more effectiveness and efficiency.

  • The deeper your understanding, the simpler everything becomes to you. That is because you are getting to the essence of things. The deeper you go, the higher you ascend. What’s behind everything is also what’s above everything. To see from the highest and most fundamental place is to understand everything in life, the universe and destiny from the perspective of consciousness and reality creation. It is because consciousness is everything. It is consciousness alone that creates and directs all things.

  • All of reality exist within consciousness and reality is consciousness itself. Everything you learn is ultimately for the purpose of being able to create your reality better. When you take everything that you know and observe it from a perspective of reality creation, you will find what it really is about and how it all fits into the whole picture. There are only two worlds, the inner world and outer world and these two are really one world. You are consciousness and reality is a mirror for you to experience yourself.

  • The most simplified structure of knowledge for understanding all of reality is found in the seven hermetic principles by Hermes Trismegistus, who was the wisest being that ever walked the face of this earth. The seven hermetic principles explain all of reality in the most simplified and complete way. This knowledge is beyond human level which was taught to Hermes by the great dragon Poimandres. The seven hermetic principles begins with the most simple principle and increases in complexity from one to the next.

  • The first is the principle of mentalism. All is mind, the universe is mental. This principle explains everything as a simulation and that all other principles are rules that govern the simulation. It is the principle that unifies all other principles into itself. Everything is a dream and therefore anything is possible because there are no limits except the limits set by the dreamer of the dream. This principle explains reality as a consciousness program. There is no hardware because it is all changeable software.

  • In actuality, all is software, and hardware is a more condensed, fixed and deeper layer of software. Everything is but simulation within simulation. Layers upon layers of operating systems. Tools running tools. Constructs within constructs.

  • The second is the principle of correspondence. As above so below, as below so above. This principle explains that consciousness is divided into two worlds which are the inner and outer worlds. Reality is holographic, the part contains the whole and therefore truth is replicated in every place. The third is the principle of vibration. Everything is energy therefore you can understand everything in terms of frequencies and wave functions. Manipulating reality is all about manipulation of energy and changing its forms.

  • The forth is the principle of polarity. Everything is dual and one. All truth are half truths which when combined together form total truth. This principle allows you to see things from multiple perspectives and reconcile all paradoxes. The fifth is the principle of rhythm. This principle explains the flow of nature which enables you to work with the way things go and be on top of them. Everything is changing from one state into the opposite and back. There is an equal measure of good for every bad and vice versa.

  • The sixth is the principle of cause and effect. Everything is a cause or effect but the challenge is determining which it is and when it is so. It is to understand the complexity and simplicity of a self perpetuating cause and effect. The seventh is the principle of gender. Everything is either masculine or feminine but the relationship between the two can be more complex than anything else in the universe. This is how the principles move from the most simple to the most complex, from first to the last.

  • You can design an electronic circuit with 20 components each having a single function or you can design one with 5 components each having many functions. The efficient use of each component allows the whole circuit to be designed in a much more simplified manner. The universe is designed with the maximum efficiency possible, and so at the core it is extremely simple. To think consistently in this same format will require that your thinking to be flawless and requiring no additional thinking to compensate.

  • The height of cultivation always runs to simplicity. When one seeks the Tao, one unlearns something new everyday. It is not daily increase but daily decrease. It is not accumulation but elimination. Hack away the unessential. Only the core is necessary because all things attach themselves to the core. Things at the core lead to everything else. The core is the essence. When you have the essence, you can understand and generate all the forms because you are formless.

  • Simplicity is shortest path between two points. It is when we unify the two points so that we are able to be in both places simultaneously without having to move at all. It is by placing ourselves in the highest or the core level and allow the core to direct everything else naturally. The highest or core level of working with reality is consciousness and awareness. Resolve everything in a simplified way. All problems are problems of complexity. Problems exist when we are out of alignment with the divine flow of things.
    You’ve got to understand the complexity and yet make it simple for yourself. The simplest tools can work in the most complex situations. The simplest solutions can solve the most complex problems. Secrets can be found in the most basic places. Truths originate from the most basic foundations. Valuable information is all around you, it is often so obvious that it is overlooked. The truth is always simple. If it isn’t, then it’s being expressed in a complicated and complex manner. You simply have to simplify it.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder at The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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