The Law of Attraction vs Shadow Work

There are two major streams of thought within the psychology and spiritual sectors. People who follow the law of attraction have a belief system that what you think gathers some type of momentum over a certain period of time. Then, this will attract more positive thoughts. If we can turn our thoughts up into vibrational creation of what makes us happy, then this momentum will increase and being happy and abundant will become easier and easier for us.

There are other people who have an equally effective argument. This is that every person has a shadow side that is repressed by modern society. If this shadow side is not ascertained and allowed to express itself , then it will continue to stay in our subconscious.

This will in-turn sabotage our happiness. You see whatever is within us needs to be processed to it’s full potential and then expressed freely. It is a scientific principle that energy can not be created nor destroyed but it can be transmuted into other frequencies.

Delving deeper into the shadow:

Shadow psychology was first popularized by the imminent professor Carl Jung. The shadow is the unconscious aspect of ourselves that we cannot consciously identify with. There are positive aspects to the shadow side.

People pleasers- need to start identifying with their anger and start telling people NO straight up, No. Because these types of people are brought up in such a way that they respect others to the degree where they cannot attain to ever letting someone down; well they have difficult times satisfying the natural ability to help themselves before helping others. They believe this will sabotage or diminish their emotional well being and this is not a positive thing. All the people pleasers out there, you need to say No when your too tired 😴, get some sleep. Get a massage, go relax and do things for yourself. Your own emotional well being.

This shadow contains deep fears and insecurities, obviously pertaining to negative tendencies. It then projects these fears and securities onto other people. People project their own negative tendencies onto others in order to cope with their own pain or personal trauma. It is best to confront this pain from within and allow yourself to be free of it. For Jung , the best way to explore the shadow side was through dream work and symbolic analysis.

The shadow was referred to as the “unconscious” also referring back to Sigmund Freuds ideologies around this topic as well as Fredrich Nietzsche. This concept of the shadow self has become much more popular in recent times due to the dominance of the law of attraction. Now, more then ever people are involved in dream working their lives to create whatever it is they want to accomplish. As well as, self assessment – questionnaires to dissolve shadow tendencies and bring the conscious mind to the forefront instead of shadow self.

You see the shadow self is the underlying pain or suffering one has endured. This isn’t beneficial for anyone. To come to terms with it , takes a lot of time and effort and it really needs to be confronted to get to the core root of the problem in order to deal with it head on.

The Law of Attraction :

First popularized by jerry and Esther Hicks in the 2006 movie ” The Secret”. They stated to be channeling a non-physical entity known as Abraham. However, when Jerry Hicks passed away in 2011 from cancer a lot of people questioned the authenticity of the movement.

Esther Hicks , presumably his wife : is still very much involved and has a massive following. The law of attraction is demonstrated and alluded to in many historical societies and in present time spiritual texts and scriptures, even life coaches who discuss it during seminars or one on one topics with clients.

They brought it back to public awareness, however in a 21st century type of context to make people more prone to using this type of knowledge. However, the law of attraction really goes back to ancient times.

It places a new emphasis on what you desire and your emotional state. These things were considered distorted or wrong in esoteric times, however , they are not evil , they are what is the truth and bringing that awareness into a universal language. Emotional vibrations in the state of the law of attraction rather then mental thoughts is what gives the strength of manifestation. Based on feelings as opposed to thoughts and this is a completely new paradigm.

The Law of Attraction makes perfect sense and so does the idea of the shadow side “Unconscious” however, which one is better to teach? I teach both! It is up to you!

Do not discriminate against either since they are both great ways to be easily applied together. You may find that when doing positivity work , it may bring up the hidden shadows. The focus is on understanding how the shadow works and increases your levels of positivity and spiritual healing.

Focus on positive psychology. There also is a difference between ignoring something and focusing on the positive side of things. By meeting your difficulties head on, you will be able to face them upfront. Try to look towards the future and be optimistic about what it has in store for you. Avoiding the past and your inner demons has been the number one reason to inquire future growth and development. Avoiding something emotionally could also lead to unhappiness, according to psychology experts. To develop a really healthy mindset, you must focus on both of these to acquire true ratification of the self.

All my love to your prosperity in all areas of your life ❤️


Laura Zukerman

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