How to not be in fluctuation with your balance and energy system.

Balance : is known as the state of equilibrium that is inherent in our human conditioning process. Our world today is out of balance, which is why we feel an imbalance in our brains and our bodies. Our lives become affected by constant change, new technologies, globalization and uncertainty.

This triggers the way we do things, because we feel like we always need to keep up with the world around us. If we have a life balance , it is the capability to have discipline to meet the obligations and demands we face in our everyday life. It can be a challenge for many of us, considering the fact that work and business take up a lot of our time. If you have a life that is unbalanced, it is time for that to change.

Here are the ways in which you will know what acutes to having a life that is unbalanced

1. You have little or no time for relationships that are important to you.

2. You often work overtime and travel a lot for work.

3. Take no breaks or very few while working

4. Become forgetful and complain about having too much going on. Making mistakes also is something we do when we have too many thoughts or things to do.

5. No time for exercise

6. Difficulty falling asleep

7. Wrong food consumption or eating too much, or nothing at all.

8. Coffee and stimulant use or other drugs to keep you calm and also wind you down, this is also attaining to alcohol consumption.

Now : life balance is about joyfully loving ourselves and living a life we can manage. Being balanced between the extremities of chaos and order. Standing still and moving, work and leisurely time. It is about having the feeling of control , total control; when shifting from one to the other and being willing and able to do so.

Being in complete balance and creating that in-sync disposition, is the way we learn to have a life balance. We feel connected with ourselves while still feeling connected to our environment and it becomes a synchronization to everything we do on a daily basis.

The body , the mind and the spirit are not separate beings, they are a whole. The equilibrium plays a tedious role when synchronized.

Relationships and family : to have successful relationships with your family and in your working environment is crucial for a balanced lifestyle. Relationships also could potentially prolong your life.

Having a life purpose : without a purpose to your life, you will have no meaning to what you are trying to accomplish, always find a reason for what your doing and why your doing those things.

Work and achievements : when you love your work and become fully ingrained in what you do, you may feel a slight imbalance only because it might take up a lot of your time. However, being successful and achieving your focused goals will allow you to have balance when you don’t finish a project right away; you actually keep it there until the next day so you can start fresh in the morning.

Taking appropriate action when circumstances arise maintains our equilibrium. You respond accordingly when things come up in the present moment, you don’t jump to something with stress or frustration!

Every situation is going to be different from person to person and from one obstacle to the next. For instance , if your on a diet; it is going to be different then someone else’s diet plan! You get it? Good!

The only constant we have in this life time is change , do not stay frozen in one obstacle , keep moving and achieving what you need to do! Feel the waves come in and ride with them. Begin to feel the universal energy and ride with it. This will be guiding you in the right direction.

Balance is a sense of harmony. Your life is essentially made up of many vital areas: they are family, health, intellectual , financial, work , social , recreational , spiritual, romance, personal growth and fulfillment and more. Do not spend equal amounts of energy in every area each day. However, when you spend a sufficient amount of quality time on some of these areas, you will feel fulfilled. Then, when you spend a quantity of time on other areas, you life will feel in balance.

Your areas of importance that you will now or have awareness of, is what matters to us.

1. Our minds, this includes the likes of learning, emotions, focus, reading , vision mental skills.

2. Body, including our health , exercise , energy, sport , wellness, fitness, beauty and your outlook of your own body!

3. Spirit : be present, raise consciousness, meditate, be in contact with your soul purpose.

4. Social: your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend , family, friends , work relationships and any other relationships you have.

Finances: savings , money that you can spend every week, things you own and your materialistic belongings.

Travel and Leisure: partying , celebrating , down time.

Profession: your personal fulfillment to society and related to work of course.

Do not negate or neglect any of these areas or you will then create a sabotage to your life style that we want in balance, accordingly.

All my Love and Affection


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder

The Goddess Bibles

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