Advertising and Media are destructing your own personal thoughts!

If the majority of our actions are subconscious and advertising and the media are specifically aimed at manipulating our environment , that means that they have a large say in how our minds think and behave. Scientific data has shown that people are victims of advertising even when they themselves are impenetrable to it.

Our subconscious minds always take in what our conscious minds might not. We are all victims to the surrounding environment which is aimed at subverting our actions- this means to throw off how we are actually feeling and thinking. This does an excellent job because consumers begin to pay for things in excessive manners. Always needing the newest thing.

If you are serious about developing your mind it needs to be in crystal clear condition. Try to Reduce your exposure to advertising and media when appropriate. This doesn’t mean going to the movies and enjoying yourself. This means turning off the TV if you feel it negatively affecting you. Looking away from an advertisement if it negatively is affecting you. If you don’t do this you subconscious mind will immediately take in negative content which will be reflected in your daily conscious activities. Do not try to actively seek out this negative information, do not wish harm on others, do not do wrong towards others: this will only help you.

By fooling yourself that you need to keep in touch with reality- reality operates on your own terms. Do not let pointless information from advertising, the media and other people take up valuable brain space in your mind. This is cognitive dissonance. By limiting this type of exposure , you need to get organized. As well as , creating an empowering environment that becomes beneficial for your clear thinking habits to happen.

Try tuning into your creative power

Try thinking about things that make you happy

Try making plans with friends and family or people who lift you up, rather then people who drag you down!

All my Love ,


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder at The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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