When You Get up with a Purpose for Life You are More Productive!

Set your alarm clock early. Wake up , begin your morning ritual of meditation and affirmations. If you talk negatively of others it won’t work. When you are done with that, go to the gym and work our for about a half hour. This will enable your endorphins to increase and you will get your blood flowing. Your productivity will begin to soar and you will attain and accomplish way more then you thought you could set your mind too. Getting up early and getting things done, gets your mind flowing with positive energy and you will endure less stress.

Positivity comes with self esteem , productivity and success in all areas of your life! Make sure you have enough energy to start each day in a productive manner. First and foremost, forget the snooze button! Wake up. Reprogram your internal clock. Going to bed at the same time each night will ensure that you will have an amazing nights rest. That will be so you can endure the morning that is ahead of you.

Remove distractions from your sleeping environment – led lights, consumer electronic products , and many other items that will keep you awake at night are not conducive to have around your house.

Adjust your waking time gradually. If you have a hard time getting up early you may not feel as refreshed and energized as you would when you get an amazing nights rest. Make sure your sleeping at least 7 hours a night.

Remove distractions from your sleeping environment.

Nourish your mind and your body- exercise, exercise , exercise!! It is important , obviously for physical health. It also keeps your brain strong and healthier. you will have a lower risk for breast cancer , heart disease and other chronic issues.

Exercise early – people who work out in the morning sleep better than those that work out at any other time of the day. When you do this it leads to better sleep patterns. You already know how refreshed you feel when you get a good nights rest, start that morning routine!

Eat Smart

Your Brain Needs to Be Fed Too

Meditation helps you focus and stay in the present moment. It will allow you to lower your anxiety levels , calms your mind and has great healing effects.

Lastly , stop bumping into me , your rude and annoying when you do that on the street have some manners and courtesy.

Thank you, Glad we are on the same page.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder

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Becoming Your Inner Goddess

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