Spirituality or Humanity on the Philosophy of Religion.

The philosophy or religion is one of the most interesting topics to discuss , it addresses repetitive questions on the idea of god, also the question bears fruit on if there is one. If there is a god? What is he like? Then what does that mean for all of us? These are the types of questions we philosophically ask ourselves.

We are going to try to figure out the correlating philosophy behind religion. The debate that has been resurfaced about their being a god to our own understanding; philosophers, theorists and thinkers shed some ideas into the religion. Gods existence has actually been largely ignored , refined and now new arguments are being debated.

There is an argument however that there is a perfect being. Also a creator concerned with humanity, nature and god intertwine here.

How were these doctrines formulated? The challenge is if god is just, then how can he also be forgiving? If god is all knowing how can our choices be free? Atheism and spirituality have the same concept for organized religion. It is up to you to educate yourself and figure out if you think that god does really exists.

If God does exist , this means we were created for a purpose and that was to be valued and loved. If God exists then we have an incentive , a moral duty, to fulfill his purpose ; which would be our life purpose in this lifetime. Our external fate might be uncertain; even if we rebel or follow god.

Atheism is knowingly a negative vibration because if you don’t believe in anything , what do you stand for?

We are free to be who we want to be. Why would we be important to come to this earth if we were born from mere dust.

Atheists would say and spiritualists would actually agree that the value is about who we are and not how we got here. We are special despite our unique origins. This is time well spent, pondering the physiological realm of existence on god at the forefront of all of the chaos and catastrophes that have gone on!!


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder

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