Negative to Positive self talk! Self Esteem is the key to life’s optimal goals!

Think positive thoughts attract positive people and things to you!

Self esteem is a great way to empower our relationships. We are feeling good , our friend calls, we have an amazing chat with them and then; we realize that we are feeling so much better already. The only way to enrich such powerful emotional relationships is by deeming ourselves worthy of those relationships!

Low self esteem is when your mood or a misinterpreting of someone or something could destroy the likelihood of these relationships. They will distance you from others and isolate you in separation! Why? Well because your not happy with yourself , all you talk about is how miserable you are, how self deprecating you are; there is no self love for yourself. If you don’t love yourself then who is going too!! You have to have self love in order to be loved !

Low self esteem can also cause you to deteriorate your mental and physical well being. It can then transform into the break down of the body’s immune system causing heart disease, cancer and other illnesses. Withholding love for ourselves will age us very quickly! So start reading :

When you don’t love yourself you don’t treat yourself let alone others with any sort of respect. Losing the loss of happiness, self expression , love and intimacy. It is a difficult road to go down.

Clean and open communication with a partner is a great benefactor into self esteem awareness.

If this is not being treated correctly, not being spoken about at all; you will lose the possibility of living a richly fulfilled life with purpose.

Contributing to others will build your self esteem- giving value to others , serving knowledge , some type of purposeful information and be committed to doing so, you will feel amazing after! It’s like teaching the world something completely new and advanced ideas 💡 that they have never experienced before.

Get That Self Esteem beaming! shine bright like the diamond you are ❤️


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder

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