How to Kill Cancer cell’s … guess what , it’s been around since the 1920s

Royal Rife, developed a sound frequency generator that killed cancer cells in the body. In an experiment he had done he had injected 400 rats with cancer cells, using this machine he was able to demolish cancer is all rats from just sound vibrational frequencies alone! If we aren’t getting somewhat of an idea here… all the frequencies when they become one, will eventually attune into your inner being. It can cure you, it can change your inner most being and it can cure the most horrible diseases known to man.

Royal Rifes experiment worked so well that in 1934 the special medical research committee at USC took 16 terminally ill cancer patients to a laboratory that Rife had owned or worked at. They were coming from Pasadena county hospital. After just 3 months of treatment , 14 of the 16 patients were completely cured of the cancer. Those additional two people were also cured weeks later. This was due to the exponential ability to have them listen to frequency based wave entrainment , although they did not call it that yet.

After the pharmaceutical companies tried to buy out Dr Rife and it did not work, his notes and laboratories were burned in a fire, two colleagues had been murdered that he had worked with; and all other associates denied ANY affiliation with him and his workings.

There is a TED talk that discusses the undeniable proof that the power of sound healing cures cancer cells. Why? When you are calm and serene you are not scared , you are not stressed out. This allows for you to become one with the universe and let god make the decision for you! It is all up to god, however , I do believe this system works wonders and miracles and it should be fought that we get these data bases back in our hands!

Children should not have to suffer from cancer , toxic drugs or radiation! This is traumatizing and terrible to do such a thing to a little baby girl or boy.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder

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