How to Build a Better Brain for Yourself , that can be ageless and the idea of cognitive decline aka dementia.

We all get older, it’s a huge part of personal development. Dementia is the sixth leading cause of death in the USA. Dementia is the idea that you can not restore new memories , you are unable to recall recent events. They will also have symptoms such as a disrupted since of time and space , social withdrawal and lastly; irritability and mood swings. Dementia is usually caused so spontaneously , it is not linked to genetic factors. However , it is linked to the general health of how someone takes care of him or herself. The same factors leading up to someone who acquires obesity and heart disease is the generalized factor for people with dementia. If we do a lot of physical activity we will most likely not get dementia, on the contrary ; if we are stagnant or stationary, we have a higher chance of this development.

Brain degeneration is the losing of the memory, finding it hard to concentrate and focus , having difficulty learning new information and or taking it, feelings of being flustered and scattered , have lost your charisma and your get up and go attitude! Your brain could be growing old too fast and this could in-turn cause brain degeneration.

The good news is even though this could happen to anyone , young or old, the brain is extremely adaptable and wants to be well for you and your body alike.

Brain degeneration affects millions of people all over the world, of all ages. The massive deterioration will begin to take hold 10 years or more to create neurological damage. The destruction is what leads up to the break down! Still not good, go get that MRI if your mind is feeling off.

Us as Humans, have become sedentary for about 16 hours a day on average!! This global trend will most likely rise , due to the fact that everything is technologically based now.

There is a frightening fact that states already 50 percent of the worlds population has a chronic lifestyle disease, many have multiple conditions and this therefore slows down there life drastically. This means that 400 million people will die from disease that could have been preventable!!

Physical strength is the most important factor into the brains functionality. Therefore, when we aren’t doing anything the brain automatically goes into shut down mode. It will automatically assume that this means the Brain , it no longer needs to provide the resources such as food and water. If the next generation and tonite generations are to come along after ya, we need to start Working Out!!


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder

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