Eliminate Pain and Destroy 91 percent of diseases naturally!!

Chronic and acute pain , backaches, arthritis , migraines, eczema, high blood pressure, depression , chronic fatigue syndrome , female and male fertility issues and urinary problems are just SOME of the ways western medical doctors are getting down to the root cause of the symposium and dealing with them in holistic method techniques that actually work. Really it all stems from these Chinese Medical Doctors (TCM) that treat the entire body as a whole. The ancient healing practice based on tackling how to get to the root of what is really going on without using pharmaceuticals, is a crazy and awesome experience! This is based on the same principles as acupuncture. Over half a million Americans spend 50k a year on medicine.

The question is … are you simply just surviving each day on your medications?

The dangerous part of withdrawal symptoms is without your prescriptions you could seizure and even die.

Back to living a drug free life – I really didn’t realize how many people actually need this until I would bring my prescription medications out and meds would just randomly go missing on me… the drug epidemic is so serious right now it’s insane.

Acupuncture is the reason and the cause that could save your life. It takes more then a few times to get it done to actually feel something for temporary relief.

Now getting to the good stuff : Ancient Healing Medicine is prone to using modern science on the patients for the adverse effects of addiction to drugs. Dr Xiaoxi is a leading practitioner in the TCM healing arts, although her vision is different then most. She says acupuncture could be very effective but it could take a long time to process. She then went on to say that she has a similar method which does not require needles, and it can be easily practiced on yourself. All you need is the ability to hear and touch. She explains the wisdom of your body is practically infinite and with a natural balance of energy , your body can heal itself quite rapidly.

However, because we disorient the naturalized balance of our body’s and full them with chemicals and such others, our natural flow of energy becomes congested or blocked. Then, when these energy blockages occur the pain and the disease begin the manifestation process upon the body.

Dr Xiaoxi then goes on to explain, “Our body has energy lines called meridians that connect to each main organ of the body. Each Meridian is dotted with energy points called acupoints.”

In there home country of China they have been practicing the art of acupuncture and acupressure for thousands of years to help simultaneously stimulate while unleashing the healing power in our bodies.

Now if we want to discuss pain medications and the opioid epidemic , there is natural remedies for this instead. This process of the two combined methods liberate the endorphins and anti inflammation in the brain and body – remember they are one entity , which then stimulates the body’s ability to heal itself.

Dr Xiaoxi goes on to explain that they’re are four key ways of unblocking these pathways.

1) needles, which is the acupuncture. It is effective however uncomfortable when applied onto yourself for personal use especially.

2) heat works however it is combined with needles to create quality results

3) electricity called electro – acupuncture also known as the preferred acu – therapy in Chinese hospitals. By running a current that is electric through acupuncture needles , it can be painful but the process can be moved more quickly.

4) finger pressure which is also known as acu-pressure is widely practiced and came about before acupuncture was even around

5)entrainment frequencies, this is my favorite one to date!! It is widely used and is a process of bio energy balancing systems which unblock energy pathways using the science of entrainment!! I get so excited about this topic because by allowing all of your brain waves to align you can literally be healed from addiction! It is another word for sound waves.

Now, what is entrainment and sound therapy?

The definition of entrainment is when a stronger rhythm causes another rhythm to vibrate in harmony with it. It is the law of psychics , when one objects begins the vibrational pull it triggers the other objects to also regulate at the same frequencies. Now if we were to speak on a atomic level , everything vibrates at different frequencies , atoms , cells , molecules .. everything that lives , including our biological rhythms.

The phenomena that causes best friends to get there period around the same time is based on this theory’s

The rate that fireflies blink at the same time together is based on this Hypothesis.

Lastly , the resetting of the body clock internally changing back to normal after a long flight is also based upon the hypothesis above.

Now, our bodies are also influenced by negative , harmful and unnatural energies and these are the EMF – standing for the Electro Magnetic Frequency. This is found almost everywhere and disrupts our neutralized energy flow , creating blockages within our meridian system. If you use the correct bio-frequency , you can use entrainment to integrate a blocked meridian back to its natural , free-flowing state.

The combination of sound and touch and why it is life transferable and transformative !!

When you combine meridian frequencies with acupuncture , Dr Xiaoxi calls the process ACU-FREQUENCY.

She explains when you combine two acu- therapies there is a cooperative dynamic that creates more potential for potently than any other treatment on its own.

Acu-Frequency can be done by yourself , your not limited to how many treatments you are allowed to undertake. It is affordable and totally worth it because you can book as many appointments a week as you wish. Especially if you are afraid of needles this is vital for you to listen on.

Acu- Frequency sends a message to the brain which in turn causes the release of pain killing endorphins, noradrenalin, and enkephalins; these help to block the signal of pain to the brain. Also beta endorphins are also commonly involved in the process and that is found to be stronger then morphine.

Now I am going to discuss a TED talk based on acupuncture in China. In this video they are describing how acupuncture indeed kills strong pain. The video basically is showing that a woman is given open heart surgery , while in an awakened state. Then, a young girl suffering from M.E which is a disease modern medicine wasn’t able to treat but acupuncture could!! The young woman’s results was that she feels amazing , better then ever before. Another doctor Dr. Jai Zhou , explains how acupuncture is again an effective pain killer. A patient who had half of his face paralyzed after just 5 treatments was cured from just the use of this amazingly incredible gift to man kind , the healing of acupuncture. A woman who wanted to quit smoking, after acupuncture, couldn’t even light up a cigarette.

Back to the woman who was getting open heart surgery , granted – she was not under anesthesia. The woman then gives an interview on her experience stating ” she could hear the cutting of her ribs but felt absolutely nothing at all.” She recovered after two days !!

A woman who had terrible migraines says that TCM is an amazing powerful benefit in her treatment and she no longer suffers pain.

When a MRI to study the brain is used, it is to test a brain function, it showed acupuncture really does work. The results concluded, 1) cross section of the brain experiencing abnormal pain and let’s call it cross section – 2) shows the pain sensors deactivated.

Alright so Try Acupuncture and the TCM healthy way to cure yourself today!



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