How Do You Find Your Life Purpose?


Most people actually have no idea what they want to do with their lives. This is not just a statics based on people out of high school. It is actually mostly adults , even after finishing their bachelors degree. They do not know what kinds of jobs they want. It usually begins in adult life, Questions start to arise “What do I want to do with my life?” “How Am I going to Achieve That Reality?” Ignorance is a huge factor into this problem. People usually end up doing what other people expect of them or what is considered normal. 

When you set out to find your life purpose, it means that you hold your standard beliefs, yourself, and your values as well as your likes and interests as the TOP priority. You look for things that make you undeniably happy. You might displease others. You can not care about what others are going to think. This is what makes you happy! It is no one else’s decision to figure out your life. 

This journey of figuring out your life purpose might take some time. It will be confusing, you will endure conflict and doubt along the way. It was also involve re-visiting your past to see where you might have gone wrong with what you truly, actually wanted to do. Not that you made a mistake in your past, it just is something to ponder. 

Your life purpose is living your life the most conscious way. Your efforts become directed towards something and you radically love every minute of it. This does not imply that all of your problems will suddenly disappear; at least you know how you are trying to find a way around these problems. Why? Because Happiness is the key to everything! 

When you know you have discovered your life purpose you will begin to feel completely energized, you no longer dread going to work in the morning, you are eager to get your day started. You also try to get as much done as possible whenever you can, in a short period of time. 

Enduring anything that involves sacrifice. The question is what sacrifice are you ready to make and tolerate in order to achieve these dreams? Pressure does not attain to finding your life purpose. If you’re willing to ride through the rough times and stick with it no matter what, then you be on the road to finding your life purpose. When you have the ability to commit to something that you love so passionately, you have hit the lottery! 

If you enjoyed doing something as a child, it usually will end up coming up in a part of what you enjoy doing now. Oftentimes, social pressures of adolescence or the professional pressure of adulthood takes away what you truly want to do because maybe you’re embarrassed or scared to jump into something without being judged. Im here to tell you, screw the system, screw the people who undermine you and do what you need to do to get there.

Vulnerability can also point you in the direction of your life path. If you’re passionate about something, then you risk making mistakes to improve your life. 

Find Meaning in Your Life:

If you find meaning in your life, you’ll be able to learn your purpose in this world. Experts believe that you can live your life in two ways. The first is if you’re conscious , you will live along the same lines as others. The second is to live life unconsciously, This means just going with the flow of things. This is not the ideal way of living because we don’t have much say in the direction if we don’t have a plan. 

When you begin to learn the meaning of life, you have a better sense of purpose. You will understand the reasoning as to why your in this world. Your life purpose will give you clarity and focus. Maybe you will see yourself earning more money, getting a new car, getting new materialistic things, if that’s what your into… all from finding out what drives you to be who you are; and you are damn good at it too!!  Dont really run after money and luxuries, its not the true way to finding your life purpose, what is important is that you love what you do; that can come later on. Do not let external factors define who you are. 

If your living a meaningful life, your means of sustenance can also become your passion! Hey, we all need to survive! You will find yourself in a workplace you enjoy, with coworkers you love. This will all be once you have meaning and purpose to what you are attempting to attain. You can also cut out all the toxicity in your life. It is important to find people who are compatible with you. Surround yourself with these types of people. those who support you and nourish you with even more knowledge. Maybe even a mentor, if that’s the type of field you are going into. Being around like minded individuals help you to find your best self and will add more fun to exploring and navigating your life purpose!

The more you engage with your life purpose the more it keeps your presently aware of what’s going on around you! A purposeful life will help you to become more aware, gratified and passionate about what you’re doing and attaining. Your mind will be focused because you know how to stay away from distractions when doing what you love. You will be passionate and that will urge you to reach your fullest potential! Gratification will be available to you because your living your best life and putting your best foot forward!! GO GET EM! WHO RUNS THE WORLD? WOMEN!! Although men, your great too and this is great for you to read as well.

Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder of The Goddess Bibles

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