Bob Proctor and the Idea of Altering your Paradigm.

Bob Proctor, believes that mindful movie matrix is the most brilliant thing that has been created! This is a great and exceptional tool, that allows your mind to become reprogrammed. Through the idea of repetition, growth and alerting of your paradigm, you start to see fast changes coming about in your everyday life. This is through the law of attraction. He is sitting down with Natalie Ledwell, who is a true genius as well, who created these mindful movies, and she really hit the ball hard with this!! You see when your mind is set to watch movies, you are visualizing something on a screen that is already there, set in stone for you. You don’t have to do much work! It really is all there!! The idea is as Bob Proctor points out that whatever you want in your mind, you plant the seed to create it and then you build on that creation. This process keeps growing and growing until you have manifested your dream reality! Although it does not just come with visualization, you must work really hard to achieve this! Mindful Movies, is a great tool to enjoy. If you have now attracted this to you, take a look for yourself!! See the true genius behind what it has to hold.

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